Pokemon Go Is Launched! Here is How to Download The App

The servers are crashing, and Nintendo has The servers are crashing, and Nintendo has its sales soaring by more than 10%. The reason? The New Pokemon Go application that is driving people crazy all over the world.

Why is this game popular? How can you download and install it on your Android or Apple phones? Actually, you can download the Pokemon Go apk to play the game on your Android. These things will be the topic of discussion.

All of us love a treasure hunt, and precisely this is one of the main reason why Pokemon go is so popular. But that’s not all. This is built as a free augmented reality game, a treasure hunt. That lets you capture a virtual Pokemon in a real-life location.

A player simply needs a smartphone to be able to play the game, and the real fun is that all players need to tie up that shoelace and step out of the house if they want to play. Yes, this game, just like real treasure hunt is played outside, in your locality. The player needs to locate the hidden Pokemon, and once it is determined, he/she needs to throw a “Poke Ball’ and capture the Pokemon and add it to his/her collection.

Pokemon Go App

Pretty simple, yet exciting because it gives you a real life adventure feeling of a treasure hunt and yet all you need is a smartphone for the purpose! The players can also make the Pokemon in their collection fight against each other, once they are captured. It isn’t surprising then that the company servers are crashing, nd people are going mad about this game.

This game is currently available in the USA, Australia and New Zealand while it is yet to be launched in the UK, Canada and other parts of Europe. However, if you don’t want to wait any longer to download it, here’s how you can do it:

Android users are at an advantage over Apple users in this regard. Apple users need to wait until the application is officially launched in their region.

For Android users, things are pretty much easy although they run the risk of downloading malwares into their phone.

For Android users, file needs to be downloaded in APK format in which Android apps are usually available. This can be downloaded from APKPure.com. Install it once downloaded, and you are free to run around hunting down Pokemons.

For Apple users, before you go the Apple store and download, be sure to open a new mail ID and account and then try to download it from Apple Store from other locations like USA. That should help.

Remember, the game is free, but to enhance your experience, you can purchase some add-ons from the respective Stores. Happy hunting!