Ever Wonder What Tom’s Audience Looks Like From the Stage

If you’ve ever wondered that, here’s an idea of what three audiences looked like on three occasions a few years ago when Tom sang Delilah. The third group, pictured here, was photographed from behind. But the idea is clear: Tom looked out onto that sea of people. I wonder if one ever gets used to that.

These are once again from Lambie (who I sincerely and deeply thank for everything he sends). He says, “American audiences don’t understand the energy of the European fans. Three clips, from 3 venues, of three choruses of Delilah. The last is Edinburgh Palace.”

I’d have to differ, as here in the US Tom rarely if ever plays such large venues. I’ve seen Elvis, Springsteen, U2 and others in similar amphitheaters (the Meadowlands, MSG, and the MGM Grand Garden Arena, for instance) and the audiences probably looked just like this from the stage. They sure sounded like this. Performing in front of all these people must be amazing.

Also, when Tom plays the terrific clubs like HOB, Terminal 5, Belly Up and the Hard Rock – for the audience they’re much better than any huge venue – the audience enthusiasm ‘s hard to contain.

The problem is that in places like the Hollywood Theatre in Las Vegas and other “regular” theaters like he just played in Florida, the staff sometimes treats the audience as if they were hostile forces and people aren’t left alone to have fun. And that’s a pity.