Exclusive List of Movies Made on Music Theme

Willing to unwind and spend some time away from hectic work schedules? Well, opting for watching a movie in Cinema Hall or at home will help. One can enjoy movies with a bowl of popcorn in hand and the cold drink in the other. Everyone needs some time to freshen up, and videos play a unique role in doing so.

Popular Movies of All Time Made on Music

When the movies are specially made in the genre of music; then, it becomes a sensitive thing to watch. Certainly, there are lots of films produced every year; but, only a few leave their mark. In this matter, musical movies are surely the ones to check out. You can all watch these movies on movies apps available for Android. Music based movies of all time

  • Popstar- Never Stop Never Stopping: 2016

The story is all about Connor, whose reputation as a singer is getting deteriorated with every day passing. Feeling the crisis, he does everything to keep his stardom; but, his efforts get wasted. Despite doing everything, he is not willing to reconcile with his earlier group band named Style Boyz. Ultimately, he had to kill his ego and joins them back for an incredible comeback.

  • The Blues Brothers: 1980

An excellent movie based on music, The Blues Brothers is the story of two siblings, who strive hard to save a boarding school because they grew there. Indeed, Jake Blues join hands with his brother, after coming from Prison, to keep the Catholic home. To do this, he gathers his old band mates and prepares to put up a big show. As a part of the journey, he comes across various enemies pushing him away from his track. Ultimately, his zest to help the Catholic home wins and he can raise 5000 dollars that need to be paid for retaining the place.

  • The Wedding Singer: 1998

The story is about Robbie, who is a singer of marriage and meets a waitress named Julie in a function.  Casually talking, they inform each other about their spouses. As the wedding day of Robbie and his girlfriend Linda arrives, he finds her missing from the function. Robbie becomes heartbroken. Further to this, he starts developing a liking for Julia and beliefs in a party that Julia’s boyfriend does not seem to be interested much in his girlfriend. When, finally, Julia plans to leave the city with his friend; Robbie runs to express his feelings in front of everyone on the plane. To this, Julia accepts, and both get married.

  • Florence Foster Jenkins: 2016

Florence Foster Jenkins is an heiress hailing from New York City. She always wished to become a concert pianist and play at the Carnegie Hall. Her dream receives a setback because of an injury in her youth. Still, this could not deter her from realizing it, and she sets out to sing on her way to Carnegie Hall. In this regard, she understands that hard work can only allow her to carve the way. So, her husband supports without a doubt, and the dream of Florence Foster Jenkins playing Carnegie Hall becomes a truly historic event to remember.