Tom’s In Orlando And So Is Joe Cocker..Imagine The Possibilities!

Tom plays the Hard Rock at Universal Studios in Orlando tonight and, this afternoon at 4 pm, Joe Cocker is the star at radio station WMMO’s Downtown Concert Series at Orlando City Hall. (If you hurry, a $49 VIP ticket will get you a seat close to the stage where you can access a cash bar and the bathroom!)

Can you imagine what it’d be like if Cocker comes to Tom’s show tonight? (Do you think they call each other when they’re in the same town?) They could duet on the song with which they both had hits – You Can Leave Your Hat On – or, maybe, on With A Little Help From My Friends. Both men are unique and each is a lightening rod for impersonators. (That’s the kind of factoid you learn living in Las Vegas.)

It could be quite a show!

Meanwhile, Anita is one of the many fans in the region who will be there tonight and she’s sent along a photo of the gifts* she’s bringing for Tom. Will he like them? Will she get to present them? What will happen? And how will the show be? Anita will be sharing her review and any photos. Hope others do, too.
Stay tuned.

*You may not know it, but Sugar Daddy, in addition to meaning a certain type of man, is also a brand of caramel lollipop here in the US (and Canada, too). As you can see, Anita’s bringing a pair of boxers with hearts and inside each heart are the words “Sugar Daddy;” a bouquet of Sugar Daddy pops and a card. The card says, “You’re solid gold. No, platinum. You’re unsurpassed and I’m impressed.” When it opens it plays Tina singing Simply the Best.