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Tour Dates Added, San Diego, Austin

With the addition of May 8 at the HOB in San Diego, Tom’s management and LiveNation (tour bookers, although Management must approve of the booking) have finally gotten him near a US coast. (No, Atlanta — almost 250 miles from the Atlantic Ocean — is not considered a coastal city.) He’ll be at Birmingham’s Iron City on April 29. Tickets go on sale Friday, April 4th at 11:00AM.

Tickets for this show are $56.Buy them here.

Tickets are now on sale for Tom at the Moody Theater in Austin, TX on Friday, May 2. This is the venue for the wonderful PBS TV show, Austin City Limits. Tickets are $55 to $95 and, while there’s lots of standing, there are ADA tickets available.

The Presale link for HOB San Diego is here. The password is “ACCESS.”

For HOB New Orleans, it’s here. The Password is “access.”

Again, OFFICIAL TomJones is listing some ticket sale time using GMT. Is that deliberate? Or is it stupidity? And his site notes “We had to sneak in another US date.” “Sneak?” Why? What is up with those people??? If you want to tell them how you feel about what could be construed as complete disregard for fans, write to his office: If you do and get a reply, let us know.

15 Responses to “Tour Dates Added, San Diego, Austin”

  1. Lloyd Says:

    We have tickets for both Austin and Dallas….can’t wait!!!!!!

  2. Singersavedme Says:

    Hope you will be able to make it to San Diego, Ellen, though,understandably your journey to see baby Dylan is your #1 priority right now.

  3. Marian Says:

    Birmingham, Alabama was also snuck into his tour. Must say I am overjoyed and most excited to be able to see him again. I just hope his management is not putting too many stops on his agenda. I could have gone to Atlanta or to Nashville had they not added the Birmingham date.

  4. Joanne Says:

    They had to “sneak in another US date”?!?! What is that supposed to mean? Are they planning to sneak Tom in under cover of darkness and hope no one notices that he’s playing a US venue? LOL! Very poor choice of words (in my humble opinion).

    And as long as they’re “sneaking” Tom into the US, how about booking some dates near a major Atlantic Coast city – like New York, for instance? Just a thought from a very frustrated fan….

  5. Lloyd Says:

    Joanne, I share your frustrations. How in the world they come up with these tour locations never ceases to amaze me. Just when I had given up on him ever having another US tour, he pops up right in my back yard. Hard to believe. It is interesting that his last real tour here, 3 years ago,
    started in Florida for several locations then proceeded into the southern US. Now again he is on a southern US plan, with only a couple of locations out west, then it’s back in Europe. If we are only going to get a small US tour every 3 years we’re in trouble. On that last tour we had to fly from west Texas to Nashville to see him, which we would have done again if he had not been coming to Texas. I would urge everyone who can afford to travel to any location on this tour to do so because the odds of him coming anywhere close to you in the future are slim at best. Good luck to you all.

  6. Attila Boros the painter Says:

    I hope Tom reads this. I followed the voice and I know he will sing a duet with Sally in the final. If I can recommend a song for this duet, it would be “you’re still the one” from Shania Twain. It would be great for both of them.

  7. Karen Says:

    I wish someone could answer me. What does hear me out mean. I wonder what Tom will be singing

  8. Lloyd Says:

    Karen, according to the venue websites, he is supposed to be singing a selection of his classic hits and some songs from Praise and Blame and Spirit In The Room. I hope he is coming with a full band and back-up singers, because some of the old hits require a full band to sound right. What the thinking behind naming the tour “Hear Me Out” is a question that only Tom could answer.

  9. Joanne Says:

    Lloyd, I’m glad you’ll get a chance to see Tom perform (I’m assuming from your post that he is appearing somewhere nearby and that you’re planning to attend a show?) If so, I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to hearing all about it! As for myself, I have given up hope of ever seeing Tom perform again. Back in the day I would go to see Tom perform at least 3 or 4 times a year – hard to believe that I now can’t even remember the last show I saw. It would be one thing if Tom had decided to give up touring – I could understand that – but to play so many dates in all these far-flung countries, and so few in the U.S., just doesn’t make sense to me. Especially considering that he does still live in this country. You’d think he’d fit some dates in near major U.S. cities now and again? Frustrating, to say the least….

  10. Joe Murray Says:

    Let me just say I am shocked that Tom is doing the Southern swing again! Fortunately, I will get to see him in Atlanta and Birmingham! I saw Tom in Atlanta in 2011 and was somewhat disappointed with the tour because it was too much a P&B tour (not some of my favorite work). I do hope they keep their word in giving us a mix. It has been years since P&B and SITR were released, and might I add under promoted (in the US), so I hope the set list is not heavy towards those songs (as I think only us fans will be the only ones who know what he is singing). I just want to see one more Tom concert that resembles the old times … and when I say old times … I am only talking 2005 :-) Either why, I realize I am a beggar and cannot be a chooser … lol

  11. Lloyd Says:

    Joe,I’m in complete agreement with you. I am hoping so much he doesn’t show up with 3 guitars and a drummer. I want to hear those old songs the way they’re meant to be heard, and really I’m optimistic that he will have the full band. Surely he wouldn’t start a tour like this without the full band. Please let us know right away how the shows go in Atlanta and Birmingham…as I want to know how excited I need to be about Austin and Dallas. If he’s got the full band…..I’ll really be excited! Anyway…at least we get to hear him sing!

  12. lindag Says:

    The Tucson show was announced as Tom performing songs from P&B and SITR when I purchased my ticket.

  13. Marian Says:

    Quoted from the Birmingham News today:

    “The stuff I’m working on now is rootsy, American roots music,” Jones says. “I’m using a band out of Nashville, and I’m going to mix things up a little bit. “They fit the bill for that. They can play ‘Delilah,’ ‘What’s New Pussycat?,’ ‘She’s a Lady.’ They can cut anything they need to.”

    That includes Odetta, the Birmingham-born songwriter whom Jones covered on 2012’s Spirit in the Room (his 40th album). He’s nearly certain he’ll sing her “Hit or Miss” at Tuesday’s show.

    Will see Tom in Nashville on Sunday night and again in B’ham on Tuesday. Hoping to hear some of the oldies!!! I am EXCITED…to say the least!!

  14. Marian Says:

    Surprise: Tom will be appearing with another singer here in Birmingham on Tuesday, April 29. Her name is Lucie Silvas. Is anyone familiar with her music? She is quite good; watched a couple of YouTube songs and she should certainly appeal to the younger crowd.

  15. Angie Says:

    I’m getting impatient waiting for Tom to come back to Atlantic City. They should at least say one way or the other – he hates AC and never wants to perform there anymore or – he’ll be back but doesn’t know when! I’m not traveling to Europe and I’m not flying across the country to see him – I love him but this is ridiculous. I’m not getting any younger so while I can still see and walk – please come back to New Joisey! Summer just isn’t the same anymore without a trip to AC to see him perform.