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The Voice UK, Episode 9 Complete; 3 US Shows Added

In addition to the shows with Morrissey, Tom will play April 28 in Atlanta (Symphony Hall tickets on sale this Friday, 4 pm, EDT); May 3 in Dallas Granada Theater (NOTE* OFFICIAL TomJones has the wrong website link. The right one is They got it wrong because they spelled “theatre” the way they spell it in the UK. (Jeez!!!)  And at the Rialto Theatre in Tuscon. Tickets on sale Friday, 10 a.m. Tickets are $46 to $66.



There are now more than 20 tour dates for Tom listed on  OFFICIAL Tom Jones. Only one of those is in North America. That’s the one where he’s opening for Morrissey in LA on May 10. Too bad. Too sad.

7 Responses to “The Voice UK, Episode 9 Complete; 3 US Shows Added”

  1. Alix Says:

    We missed the best episode, the first battle round. Tom’s coaching kenny and bizzi was simply super. What a powerful soulful voice!
    If you get a chance, watch it on youtube.

  2. Brian Says:

    I see he’s doing a few more dates now let’s hope he doesn’t over do it by doing to many shows!!!

  3. Lloyd Says:

    Hey folks….you don’t have to wait until Friday if you are going to Dallas! Log into The Granada Theater website…you can get tickets right now!!!!! This looks like a SMALL venue with standing in front of the stage. The number of tickets may be very limited! I can’t believe he’s coming to Dallas…I’m so lucky. If any of you are me..maybe we can get together in Dallas. Ellen has my contact info.
    Lucky Lloyd from Texas.

  4. Norman Says:

    On Tom’s Facebook “he” has commented that there will be more US dates announced next week.

  5. Betsy sorrell Says:

    I’ll be in Dallas for the show….look for me in front of the stage:)

  6. Angie Says:

    Happy Days are here again!

  7. Karen Says:

    what is the hear me out tour mean