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Quick 10-Second Teaser For “The Voice UK” Featuring Tom; Don’t Forget To Order Tom’s New 45

If you haven’t seen them, check out the posts below. Lots about The Voice UK.

This teaser for The Voice UK (there’s one for each judge) shows Tom hitting his button and spinning his chair around. This indicates he wants the contestant on his team. If the spinning chair weren’t signal enough, the words “I WANT YOU” light up on the bottom of the platform holding the chair.

You can order Tom’s new 45 record now at Third Man Records. The record costs $6 + (moderate) shipping. It will be out March 5, not March 19, as OFFICIAL Tom Jones still insists on saying. (Of course, they still say the video in the post below is only available in the UK. Hmmmm.) They also seem to have some kind of issue with the 45, which they dismissed as “a side project.” Sure, it’s not an album but why treat it like it’s nothing? Vinyl – especially what Jack White’s doing to preserve vinyl – is both big news and highly laudable. At least, that is, in the USA.

The 45’s were shipped Tudsday, February 28, to those who ordered already.

3 Responses to “Quick 10-Second Teaser For “The Voice UK” Featuring Tom; Don’t Forget To Order Tom’s New 45”

  1. norman Says:

    I’m sure your all pleased for me…….(lol)….but I’ve just had an e-mail to tell me that Tom’s ‘Evil’ single has just shipped to me today. So go out and buy it!!!!!!

  2. Brian Says:

    Nice trailer he looks happy in it.Think i’ll order my lp now!!!

  3. Moderator Says:

    Brian: You know it is not an LP. It’s a 7″ 45.