Tom’s In Orlando And So Is Joe Cocker..Imagine The Possibilities!

Tom plays the Hard Rock at Universal Studios in Orlando tonight and, this afternoon at 4 pm, Joe Cocker is the star at radio station WMMO’s Downtown Concert Series at Orlando City Hall. (If you hurry, a $49 VIP ticket will get you a seat close to the stage where you can access a cash bar and the bathroom!)

Can you imagine what it’d be like if Cocker comes to Tom’s show tonight? (Do you think they call each other when they’re in the same town?) They could duet on the song with which they both had hits – You Can Leave Your Hat On – or, maybe, on With A Little Help From My Friends. Both men are unique and each is a lightening rod for impersonators. (That’s the kind of factoid you learn living in Las Vegas.)

It could be quite a show!

Meanwhile, Anita is one of the many fans in the region who will be there tonight and she’s sent along a photo of the gifts* she’s bringing for Tom. Will he like them? Will she get to present them? What will happen? And how will the show be? Anita will be sharing her review and any photos. Hope others do, too.
Stay tuned.

*You may not know it, but Sugar Daddy, in addition to meaning a certain type of man, is also a brand of caramel lollipop here in the US (and Canada, too). As you can see, Anita’s bringing a pair of boxers with hearts and inside each heart are the words “Sugar Daddy;” a bouquet of Sugar Daddy pops and a card. The card says, “You’re solid gold. No, platinum. You’re unsurpassed and I’m impressed.” When it opens it plays Tina singing Simply the Best.

A Handy Free iPhone App So You Don’t Miss Any BBC Radio Interviews & A Fun Video

Well, almost seven months later, a woman named Rose sent a comment on that post to TJI. She said, “Very well written post.” and went on to suggest that, if you want to listen to BBC Radio on the iPhone, there’s an app called F Stream that you can learn about on BBC Streams.

Anyway, I downloaded F Stream from the iTunes store and tried it. The app enables you to listen to lots of stuff on the radio and, also, to record what you’re hearing. There are all kinds of stations and programming available.

It’s a nice companion to the NPR iPhone app that, no matter where in the country you may be, enables you to listen to your favorite NPR station.

Now, because I (and so many of you) really enjoyed Tom’s version of this song, here he is at Viña del Mar in Chile, in 2007, performing i likw the way. It may not be great video, but it’s lots of fun just to hear the song again.

As usual, if you cannot play it, drop me a line using the “Contact TJI” link at the bottom right and I’ll email it to you. JACKSONVILLE (AP) — Singer Tom Jones, who has millions of fans and packs them into concert halls, can recall in detail a meeting with one obscure Jacksonville fan, a woman who is blind.

“It made me realize that what I do onstage is more meaningful than I anticipated,” Jones said, recalling the time Cheryl Clark “saw” his face with her fingers.Miss Clark, an X-ray technician at Methodist Medical Center in Jacksonville (Florida), is blind for the fifth time in her life. The first came after unsuccessful surgery to clear tear ducts when she was 14.

Jones’ records, she said, helped her maintain her sanity when she was first losing her sight, long before she met him in person.They have met five times since, most recently last month in Louisville, KY. But the most special moment took place six years ago in Birmingham, AL at the second encounter.

Jones had remembered meeting Miss Clark backstage at a concert a year before in Dallas. At the time, he sight had been restored through implantation of a tiny telescopic prothesis.

In Birmingham, she was blind again. Her body’s immunity processes rejected the prosthesis. “During the concert, my mother tried to describe Tom to me, but I couldn’t hear over the screaming woman,” Miss Clark said.


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Tom & Sammy: 19+ Minutes Of Glorious Entertainment!

There can be no argument: Sammy Davis, Jr. was one of the greatest entertainers we were ever fortunate enough to see. Dancing, singing, acting — he did it all. I saw him in person a few times, the first when I was nine years old. I will never forget it.

Las Vegas also, indirectly owes Davis a debt. When the Rat Pack — Sinatra, Dean Martin, Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford — played here originally, Davis had to stay on the “West Side,” that part of Las Vegas where black entertainers — who had to go in and out of the casinos through a kitchen door — stayed. They couldn’t stay where they were playing. (At the time, very segregated Las Vegas was known as “The Mississippi of the West.”)

Well, one day around 1960, Frank Sinatra had had enough of that. He told the management at the Sands Hotel, “If Sammy can’t stay, I can’t play.” Thus, for the first time — and always from that day on — a black performer could stay in a hotel on The Strip. Davis — with and without the Rat Pack — continued to play here for another 30 years or so.

That’s why, when Dre sent links to some 1966 video of Tom on the Sammy Davis, Jr. Show, (March 18th) I got caught up in nostalgia and looked for more of them together, found it and put them together in a video.

The first two clips, in black and white, are from 1966, Davis’ TV show. The first song they do is the beautiful Scarlet Ribbons. Check out how Davis sort of imitates Tom while they’re singing. Then they do a unique version of What’s New Pussycat.

The last three clips are from two episodes of the second season of This Is Tom Jones in 1970 (season #2; episode #s 2 and 26). They sing Thanks For the Memories, A Little Help From My Friends, A Boy Named Sue, Oh, Sweet Blindness, My Way, and And When I Die, Next up, from that same show, is the very moving Mr. Bojangles, which is included on one of the TITJ TImeLife DVDs. And, finally, Sammy — dressed in a 1970s-defining jumpsuit, sings one of his maay hits, For Once In My Life.

The clips from Sammy’s show are very old, transferred from a movie camera to video, but I still hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Ever Wonder What Tom’s Audience Looks Like From the Stage

If you’ve ever wondered that, here’s an idea of what three audiences looked like on three occasions a few years ago when Tom sang Delilah. The third group, pictured here, was photographed from behind. But the idea is clear: Tom looked out onto that sea of people. I wonder if one ever gets used to that.

These are once again from Lampie (who I sincerely and deeply thank for everything he sends). He says, “American audiences don’t understand the energy of the European audiences. Three clips, from 3 venues, of three choruses of Delilah. The last is Edinburgh Palace.”

I’d have to differ, as here in the US Tom rarely if ever plays such large venues. I’ve seen Elvis, Springsteen, U2 and others in similar ampitheatres (the Meadowlands, MSG and the MGM Grand Garden Arena, for instance) and the audiences probably looked just like this from the stage. They sure sounded like this. It must be amazing to perform in front of all these people.

Also, when Tom plays the terrific clubs like HOB, Terminal 5, Belly Up and the Hard Rock – for the audience they’re much better than any huge venue – the audience enthusiasm is difficult to contain.

The problem is that in places like the Hollywood Theatre in Las Vegas and other “regular” theaters like he just played in Florida, the staff sometimes treats the audience as if they were hostile forces and people aren’t left alone to have fun. And that’s a pity.