Famous Movies And Music Apps For Android Updated List For You

Music & Movies are the best things to unwind and ideal option to stay away from stress. This is the reason that has gained the specialized place in people’s heart. These days, technology has been on a growth spree. It is making the life easier for everyone. So, it has created options for people to express their feelings with the help of technology.

In this regard, development of music apps is surely an incredible step. Music is soulful and allows people to enjoy some time. Movies allow us to relax with our families. Well, the best part of using music & movies based apps is that downloading, listening and watching music albums have become handy.list of best free movies & music apps

Best Music Apps For Android

  1. Black Player
    Black Player is a humble and decent music player that offers very comfortable operational facility and allows for understanding the music in a better way. It functions on a tab structure, and one can adapt them to use the ones that are needed. Apart from this, it possesses an equalizer, scrobbling, widgets, an ID3 tag editor, themes, and backs for generally used music files. Indeed, the free version has a minor feature than the paid one.
  2. Google Play Music
    Google Play Music is an independent music player, which offers streaming service as well as an individual music player. The excellent feature of the player is that it holds tendency to read the files on a particular device and do as a regular player. Along with this, one can upload around 50,000 songs to streamline them as needed. It is one of the beautiful options available for Android-based smartphones.
  3. Neutron Music Player
    Powered to feature 32/64 bit audio rendering engine, Neutron Music Player is prepared to make the music appeal much better. It also supports unique file types, a built-in equalizer, and a variety of other “audiophile-specific” features.
  4. Player Pro Music Player
    Player Pro Music Player features an excellently appealing edge that simplifies the usage of skins that is downloaded and installed for the purpose of customization. It also includes sustenance for playing video, various audio effects, a five-band equalizer, widgets, and specific fun-filled features like the skill to shake the phone for changing tracks.
  5. Pulsar Music Player
    Considered as one of the best free music players for the Android system, Pulsar Music Player is developed with the particular material design incorporating features such as tag editing, smart playlists, gap less playback a sleep timer, and Last.fm scrobbling. What adds value to the player is its ability to support ChromeCast and gives excellent experience regarding customization.

Best Movies Apps For Android

  1. Showbox Movies App
    Showbox is the leader of best free movies apps available for the Android operating system. It is referred as free alternative of Netflix streaming service. That means, you can watch all the movie stuff for free on Showbox app.
  2. CinemaBox HD
    Cinemabox HD once called as Playbox HD application. Now the developers changed the name & released it with a new interface and functionality.
  3. Megabox HD
    It is the application available for Android as well as for iOS devices. You can watch all the movies and TV series using this application.

With the increasing use of mobile phones, people are finding it easy to run their music players over the phone. For this, they are always on a lookout for quality presentation laden with features. This is the reason that they research over specified music apps. These days, music is one of the best things to unwind. Hearing them on the way to someplace is the essential factor. With the right music app in mobile phones, people can enjoy their journey.

What are prestigious Music awards in the World

Getting rewarded for something is always encouraging. And when it comes to the matter of awards for music, it is sure to boost the morale of singers. In fact, it seems that all their hard work has paid back. Indeed, music awards are for giving the reward to the musicians and technicians associated with them.

The music awards are given in answer to developing high-quality music albums having large graphics and impressive sound quality. Indeed, such award shows take place with a pomp celebration. Indeed, musicians draft songs to keep up the communicative balance with song lovers.

Prestigious Music Awards List

Sometimes, Movies actors can be a music director too. Award winners are included solo music directors & multi talented actors com music directors. By the way, prestigious movie app has been introduced by us on this article. We talk more about movies & music on Tomjonesintl.com.

Grammy Awards:

Started in the year of 1959, Grammy Awards are the US music awards presented to the pop singers and other musicians involved in making a masterpiece musical album.

Britt Awards:

Known as the most popular music awards, Britt Awards started in 1977 and organized every year to appreciate singers as well as technicians involved in drafting music albums.

MTV Video Music Awards:

Initiated into the world of awards, MTV music channel established its music awards in 1984. They are organized every year to present awards to singers, lyricists and other technicians associated with making music videos.

Billboard Awards:

Started by the American music magazine named Billboards, Billboard Awards is a ceremonial function that takes place each year in May. It is organized to give awards to the top most musicians of the year and best-selling songs in various categories.

International Classical Music Awards:

Known as one of the most prestigious awards in the music group, it is organized every year to give awards in the category of choral work, orchestra, opera and music albums. This award ceremony is the most valuable one for the musicians.

World Music Awards:

As an international award established in 1989, World Music Awards was started by the Prince of Monaco named Albert II. Awards are given to the world’s best-selling artists in the diverse groups and to the best-selling musicians hailing from major territories.

Every person loves music and musicians from the world over create soulful albums for their listeners. And for this purpose, they are given prestigious awards. The awards are decided by voting by the general public over the internet and even by the jury members. With so many albums releasing every year, it becomes difficult to choose the winners. In this regard, the panel members analyze the quality of music and lyrics used in it. Apart from this, the amount of music copies sold is one thing considered to investigate the winner.

Reference: Music awards from Wikipedia

Each year beautiful sets are designed, and celebrities attend the function in designer dresses. As a star-studded event, it is one of the most cherished moments awaited by the singers. Indeed, the award functions become the platform for the getting together that brings entire music fraternity together for a couple of hours. Of course, spectacular dance performances are held to grab the attention of the guests for sure.

Popular Pop Singers In The World – My Favorite Is 3rd

Singing on a global front with huge fan following is a blessing for pop singers. Making way to the hearts of millions by dispensing melodious voice, pop singers have managed to carve out a niche for themselves in the business.

There are numerous pop singers, who have developed a goodwill on the universal front. In recent times, Showbox movies app also streaming music on it.

Pic that contains all the singers

Most Famous Pop Singers In The World

Elvis Presley

A famous name in the world of Pop Singing Elvis Presley was born on January 8, 1935, Tupelo city of Mississippi. His parents named Gladys Love, and Vernon Elvis Presley stayed in a two-room shotgun house. Elvis Presley got his musical inspiration by attending “Assembly of God.” After completing his education, he started his musical career with Sound Records Company and never looked by.


Known to be the queen of pop, the sultry Madonna ruled the hearts. She is an American singer with full name as Madonna Louise Ciccone. Her journey to popularity started by pushing up lyrical content into mainstream music and she beautified it with imagery. Madonna was born on August 16, 1958, and began the career with “Everybody” as her debut single.

Michael Jackson

Considered as the King of Pop, Michael Joseph Jackson was an American singer and made musical debut in 1964 with elder brothers. He was one of the ten children born out of a working class African American family lived at Gary town of Indiana. With so many popular albums in his name, Michael Jackson rested in peace at the age of 50 years.

Whitney Houston

Originally known as Whitney Elizabeth Houston, Whitney Houston was born on August 9, 1963, in New Jersey of United States. Being an American Singer, she rose to fame with albums like Whitney: The Greatest Hits and much more. Even, Guinness book of world record popularized her as the most award-winning singer. It was February 11, 2012, in Beverly Hills that she breathed her last.

Celine Dion

One of the most celebrated and loved Pop Singer; Celine Dion is much remembered for her song called “My Heart Will Go On” in Titanic. She is born on March  30, 1968, to Adhemar Charles Dion and Therese Tanguay Dion. As a French-Canadian Singer, she was born to a big family in Quebec. Indeed, she rose to international fame by winning Yamaha World Popular Song Festival in 1982 and Eurovision Song Contest in 1988. After this, she never looked back.

Jennifer Lopez

Stylish American Singer, Jennifer Lopez is popularly known as JLo. She was born on July 24, 1969, to Guadalupe Rodriguez and David Lopez. Starting off as a background dancer for “new Kids on the Block in 1991, she began gaining recognition and took up specified assignments. Her songs “Waiting for Tonight” gave her the much-awaited recognition.

Singing is a passion for some and religion to be worshiped for other pop stars. It was their dream to make it big that they followed and became some of the most famous actors of all times. Of course, Tom Jones as his own spot on the list but not mentioned here.

Pokemon Go Is Launched! Here is How to Download The App

The servers are crashing, and Nintendo has The servers are crashing, and Nintendo has its sales soaring by more than 10%. The reason? The New Pokemon Go application that is driving people crazy all over the world.

Why is this game popular? How can you download and install it on your Android or Apple phones? Actually, you can download the Pokemon Go apk to play the game on your Android. These things will be the topic of discussion.

All of us love a treasure hunt, and precisely this is one of the main reason why Pokemon go is so popular. But that’s not all. This is built as a free augmented reality game, a treasure hunt. That lets you capture a virtual Pokemon in a real life location.

A player simply needs a smartphone to be able to play the game, and the real fun is that all players need to tie up that shoe lace and step out of the house if they want to play. Yes, this game, just like real treasure hunt is played outside, in your locality. The player needs to locate the hidden Pokemon, and once it is determined, he/she needs to throw a “Poke Ball’ and capture the Pokemon and add it to his/her collection.

Pokemon Go App

Pretty simple, yet exciting because it gives you a real life adventure feeling of a treasure hunt and yet all you need is a smartphone for the purpose! The players can also make the Pokemon in their collection fight against each other, once they are captured. It isn’t surprising then that the company servers are crashing, nd people are going mad about this game.

This game is currently available in the USA, Australia and New Zealand while it is yet to be launched in the UK, Canada and other parts of Europe. However, if you don’t want to wait any longer to download it, here’s how you can do it:

Android users are at an advantage over Apple users in this regard. Apple users need to wait until the application is officially launched in their region.

For Android users, things are pretty much easy although they run the risk of downloading malwares into their phone.

For Android users, file needs to be downloaded in APK format in which Android apps are usually available. This can be downloaded from APKPure.com. Install it once downloaded, and you are free to run around hunting down Pokemons.

For Apple users, before you go the Apple store and download, be sure to open a new mail ID and account and then try to download it from Apple Store from other locations like USA. That should help.

Remember, the game is free, but to enhance your experience, you can purchase some add-ons from the respective Stores. Happy hunting!

Tom’s In Orlando And So Is Joe Cocker..Imagine The Possibilities!

Tom plays the Hard Rock at Universal Studios in Orlando tonight and, this afternoon at 4 pm, Joe Cocker is the star at radio station WMMO’s Downtown Concert Series at Orlando City Hall. (If you hurry, a $49 VIP ticket will get you a seat close to the stage where you can access a cash bar and the bathroom!)

Can you imagine what it’d be like if Cocker comes to Tom’s show tonight? (Do you think they call each other when they’re in the same town?) They could duet on the song with which they both had hits – You Can Leave Your Hat On – or, maybe, on With A Little Help From My Friends. Both men are unique and each is a lightening rod for impersonators. (That’s the kind of factoid you learn living in Las Vegas.)

It could be quite a show!

Meanwhile, Anita is one of the many fans in the region who will be there tonight and she’s sent along a photo of the gifts* she’s bringing for Tom. Will he like them? Will she get to present them? What will happen? And how will the show be? Anita will be sharing her review and any photos. Hope others do, too.
Stay tuned.

*You may not know it, but Sugar Daddy, in addition to meaning a certain type of man, is also a brand of caramel lollipop here in the US (and Canada, too). As you can see, Anita’s bringing a pair of boxers with hearts and inside each heart are the words “Sugar Daddy;” a bouquet of Sugar Daddy pops and a card. The card says, “You’re solid gold. No, platinum. You’re unsurpassed and I’m impressed.” When it opens it plays Tina singing Simply the Best.

A Handy Free iPhone App So You Don’t Miss Any BBC Radio Interviews & A Fun Video

Well, almost seven months later, a woman named Rose sent a comment on that post to TJI. She said, “Very well written post.” and went on to suggest that, if you want to listen to BBC Radio on the iPhone, there’s an app called F Stream that you can learn about on BBC Streams.

Anyway, I downloaded F Stream from the iTunes store and tried it. The app enables you to listen to lots of stuff on the radio and, also, to record what you’re hearing. There are all kinds of stations and programming available.

It’s a nice companion to the NPR iPhone app that, no matter where in the country you may be, enables you to listen to your favorite NPR station.

Now, because I (and so many of you) really enjoyed Tom’s version of this song, here he is at Viña del Mar in Chile, in 2007, performing i likw the way. It may not be great video, but it’s lots of fun just to hear the song again.

As usual, if you cannot play it, drop me a line using the “Contact TJI” link at the bottom right and I’ll email it to you. JACKSONVILLE (AP) — Singer Tom Jones, who has millions of fans and packs them into concert halls, can recall in detail a meeting with one obscure Jacksonville fan, a woman who is blind.

“It made me realize that what I do onstage is more meaningful than I anticipated,” Jones said, recalling the time Cheryl Clark “saw” his face with her fingers.Miss Clark, an X-ray technician at Methodist Medical Center in Jacksonville (Florida), is blind for the fifth time in her life. The first came after unsuccessful surgery to clear tear ducts when she was 14.

Jones’ records, she said, helped her maintain her sanity when she was first losing her sight, long before she met him in person.They have met five times since, most recently last month in Louisville, KY. But the most special moment took place six years ago in Birmingham, AL at the second encounter.

Jones had remembered meeting Miss Clark backstage at a concert a year before in Dallas. At the time, he sight had been restored through implantation of a tiny telescopic prothesis.

In Birmingham, she was blind again. Her body’s immunity processes rejected the prosthesis. “During the concert, my mother tried to describe Tom to me, but I couldn’t hear over the screaming woman,” Miss Clark said.