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Since 2005 this website has served as a gathering place and newsroom for fans of Tom Jones. Even though Sir Tom lives in the USA and, at the time the the site was created, was doing the majority of his appearances here, was created in 2005 because at that time there were no US-based websites dedicated to Tom Jones, except a "fan club" site that only posts what the site managers find on his official site and, even that, is seldom updated.

Recognizing that it is fans — and only fans — whose support has kept Tom Jones' career going for decades, was created with the intention that all fans would be treated with respect, as would Sir Tom. Site content — including comments — is to deal solely with Tom's professional, public life. Discussion of Sir Tom's personal life — except celebrations like birthdays — will not be tolerated. was created with the express intent of being an elegant companion to the OFFICIAL site.Please be sure to read the site rules before you post. These rules are strictly enforced in order to keep discussion fun and civil.

With the hope that you will enjoy TomJonesInternational and contribute your thoughts and ideas (contact info at bottom right) TJI looks forward to many more years of serving the worldwide Tom Jones fan community.

- Ellen

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Happy 75th Birthday To Sir Tom!

We all know that, as this is being posted (June 6 here, June 7 in Wales) Sir Tom is turning 75! Considering how he still has such a great voice and stage presence, he is truly a wonder. Surely, we all wish this man the very best ans many, many more years to entertaining.

young-tom1Who’d have thought on June 7, 1940 that the baby born to Freda and Tom Woodward in a small town in Wales in the midst of World War II would grow up to be a world-famous singer who, even after more than 40 years in the business, is still evolving, changing and thrilling audiences with his voice?

A Little Late To Post (But I Will Do So, Anyway), But 2 Music Icons Salute A Third

2 Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 5.55.49 PM1 Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 5.55.49 PM

On Friday, February 6, MusiCares honored Bob Dylan as its Person of the Year. The gala in Los Angeles featured a host of music greats, among them, Sir Tom and Mr. Springsteen. This story is from USA Today.

LOS ANGELES — Bob Dylan received heaps of accolades Friday as he was honored as the MusiCares Person of the Year. But former President Jimmy Carter offered perhaps the greatest praise.

“There’s no doubt that his words of peace and human rights are much more incisive and much more powerful and much more permanent than any president of the United States,” Carter said, as he introduced the singer.

Carter also noted that he and his wife, Rosalynn, both love Dylan’s recently released Shadows in the Night, a collection of standards.

Before Carter’s introduction, Dylan received a musical tribute from the likes of Jackson Browne, Sheryl Crow, Aaron Neville, Bonnie Raitt and many others, accompanied by a band led by Don Was.

Dylan curated the musical performances, hand-picking many of the acts and requesting specific songs of them.

Beck began with a version of Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat that had plenty of teeth. Willie Nelson and the band vamped at length on Señor (Tales of Yankee Power) because Nelson had trouble reading the lyrics in the monitor. John Mellencamp recast Highway 61 Revisited as a slow, haunting piano blues, getting whoops of approval from the black-tie crowd in the process.

A pompadoured Jack White put his icky thump on “One More Cup of Coffee,” while Tom Jones gave a stately performance of “What Good Am I?” Crosby, Stills & Nash harmonized on Girl From the North Country.”

Complete Movie: A Bit of Tom Jones?

In 2009, this movie below was released It’s certainly not great art but it is amusing. I asked Sir Tom if he’d seen it and, using appropriate hand gestures, he replied, “Yes, but it was too long. They had to cut it.” We had a good laugh.

In a late night bar, Henry is approached by a mysterious woman who offers to sell him the severed “manhood” of Wales’ greatest vocal entertainer… Believing he can make a fortune selling the infamous appendage on to obsessive fans, Henry stumps up the cash

Critics Have A Go At Tom & Jessie J

From Hollywood Life The celebs took the stage to perform one of the greatest love songs of all time ‘You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling’ by The Righteous Brothers and we loved it!

Jessie J, 26, and Tom Jones, 74, kicked off The 2015 Grammy Awards, Feb. 8 and it was epic! They dedicated the song to a couple in the audience and they absolutely nailed the hit 1964 song!

Jessie J & Tom Jones Romantic Duet At The 2015 Grammy Awards

The singers hit the stage and sounded awesome. It was such a cool idea to get such a legend to perform with one of the biggest contemporary artists right now.

the Daily Mail headline said “‘What the hell is this nonsense’: Jessie J and Sir Tom Jones fail to impress fans on Twitter with their Grammy’s performance.”

E Online wrote about people who “only know Tom Jones because of Fresh Prince. The show is still broadcast several times a day in the USA. That video is below, too, and it is (of course) in the Video Library.

Billboard said, “Two British vocal powerhouses joined forces to perform “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin'” in tribute to Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil, the iconic songwriting couple that has been married since 1961. Both received the Trustees Award at this year’s Grammys. Their voices blended together well enough, but the whole thing felt a little karaoke-ish after the first verse.”

What Did You Think of The Grammy® Awards?

I promised to keep it a secret, but I was told that a Tom and Jessie J would be singing a tribute songwriter Cynthia Weil and Barry Mann. They sang “You Lost That Loving Feeling, ” What did you think of it? (THE VIDEO IS BELOW)

You see, those who counted on youtube for clips of Tom singing with Jessie J were bound to be disappointed.The videos you expected to see had a message where the video was supposed to be:

This video contains content from UMG (Universal Music Group) who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.Some people can see it with no trouble,, as below.

Sorry about that.” Is a kind of cheeky (or, as we might say here, “snotty” remark The guy interviewing them isTyler Oakley, described in Wikipedia as “an American YouTube personality and advocate for LGBT youth, and social issues including healthcare, education, prevention of suicide among LGBT youth, and gay rights. Oakley presents on various topics including queer politics, pop culture, and humor on a regular basis.” “Kanye” means “honor” and “tribute/”

A Fun Look Back: Sir Tom (His Beard) With Dolly, Donna, Mac, Sonny & Cher…Thanks To Mary Wieloch and Another YouTube Poster

Finally! Sir Tom To Be On the Grammy Awards

Set those DVRs for February 8 (CBS in the USA). Sir Tom will (finally) be on the Grammy Awards. He’ll be performing with Jessie J.

From The Voice UK Sir Tom with Jessie J.

From The Voice UK Sir Tom with Jessie J.

The Voice Is Back And, As Always, Sir Tom Has His Opinions

It just slipped out’: Sir Tom Jones brands the talent of contestants on The Voice UK ‘sh*t’ at press launch

By Rebecca Davison for MailOnline/Published: 05:44 EST, 6 January 2015 | Updated: 10:58 EST, 6 January 2015

Sir Tom Jones has branded the talent of contestants on The Voice UK this year as ‘sh*t’.

The 74-year-old musician came out with the expletive at a press launch for the BBC show, held at London’s Mondrian hotel on Monday.

When presenter Emma Willis asked the panel of coaches how they viewed the standard of competitors, fellow panellist said: ‘The talent this year is…’

He was then interrupted by the Welsh crooner, who said ‘…sh*t.’

Unfazed, he addded: ‘It just slipped out. I hope it wasn’t a Freudian slip.’

He later attempted some damage control by apologising, saying: ‘Just to clear this up, when I said the talent this year was sh*t, it was a joke.

‘I like a joke. And when I said I hope that’s not a Freudian slip, that was a joke on top of a joke. It was not a Freudian slip. You know what I’m saying.’

Seemingly backtracking, he said: ‘The talent this year is excellent. I think we have a great variety of singers. There are no copycats.’

Also at the press launch were Rita Ora, who replaces Kylie Minogue on the show and Kaiser Chiefs front man, Ricky Wilson.

Emma Willis’ presenting co-host Marvin Humes was also in attendance and wearing a similar grey checked suit to Tom’s.

The video on top is from 2012 and it’s still funny: In case you missed it:

Happy 2015! & A (Double) Question of the Month For January

happy new year 2015

Wishing you each a happy, healthy new year — a year of prosperity, good health, good friends, lots of love and wonderful music. Question of the Month for January 2015:

For you, what was the highlight of the year 2014 in Tom Jones? And, what do you hope for in 2015?

Something To Look Forward To Seeing/Hearing

Many people who review movies as I do, I find it instructive to watch trailers — those coming attractions of what is soon to open. (Actually, I’ve always enjoyed trailers. Have you?)

Today I went to see The Gambler with Mark Wahlberg and, among the trailers was the one below for Johnny Depp’s next movie, to be released in the US, on January 22. There’s some familiar music in it (and it also looks like a fun flick).

Trailer for Mortdecai: