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Hi, and Welcome to TomJonesInternational — the only Tom Jones site with content written by fans, for fans. is not a fan club. is the only site that cares about ensuring that fans worldwide — not just in one country— are treated with the respect they deserve! As such, it is the largest site in the world — not official or connected to OFFICIALTomJones but, nonetheless, representing the interests of fans and of Sir Tom.

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Since 2005 this website has served as a gathering place and newsroom for fans of Tom Jones. Even though Sir Tom lives in the USA and, at the time the the site was created, was doing the majority of his appearances here, was created in 2005 because at that time there were no US-based websites dedicated to Tom Jones, except a "fan club" site that only posts what the site managers find on his official site and, even that, is seldom updated.

Recognizing that it is fans — and only fans — whose support has kept Tom Jones' career going for decades, was created with the intention that all fans would be treated with respect, as would Sir Tom. Site content — including comments — is to deal solely with Tom's professional, public life. Discussion of Sir Tom's personal life — except celebrations like birthdays — will not be tolerated. was created with the express intent of being an elegant companion to the OFFICIAL site.Please be sure to read the site rules before you post. These rules are strictly enforced in order to keep discussion fun and civil.

With the hope that you will enjoy TomJonesInternational and contribute your thoughts and ideas (contact info at bottom right) TJI looks forward to many more years of serving the worldwide Tom Jones fan community.

- Ellen

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The Question of the Month for October (& How I Came To Think of It)

Wishing all of you who mark this holiday a good day and an easy fast. G’mar Hatimah Tovah.” (“May You Be Sealed for a Good Year (in the Book of Life).”

This was a Question of the Month a few years ago and it came up in discussion today. You see, a friend posted this photo of my granddaughter here: on ( Dylan Clara Barohn

You’ll notice she’s wearing a U2 onesie that her mom, my daughter Ruth, bought for her. My friend asked me where Ruth got the outfit and I said I guess on a U2 website. So, she asked, are the any for other artists, like Sir Tom? I said, “well, when you click on the “shop” link on the homepage of OFFICIAL Tom Jones the page comes up and it says: Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 7.49.54 PM

It’s said that for a few years now. So the Question of the Month is:

If Management were to actually have a shop on their website, what would you like them to have in it?

Last time the question was aksed the responses had lots of intimate items. Can we be more original this time? (And, of course, feel free to click here and vote:))

Sir Tom & Ed Sheeran in Australia This Weekend

Three videos of Sir Tom and Ed Sheeran in Australia this weekend.The shortest one is at the top. The one in the middle is longer and the bottom one is the longest.
Sir Tom comes in at 9:34 of the middle video.

Of Course, Sir Tom Does Not Call Him A “Dickhead.”

The press often creates a mountain out of a molehill and this is a prime example: Here, in Australia, he’s talking to footballer Campbelll Brown. Brown gives him a little gift, they laugh, shake hands and say goodbye. Sir Tom adds, “take care.” Those two words have been misinterpreted and many are saying Sir Tom called Brown a “dickhead.”

I believe that’s absolutely untrue. Listen for yourself. This is why journalists get a bad name.

Sir Tom Goes Down Under Again For AFL Final & Melbourne Gig

Tom will do the event with Ed Sheeran. Now how about both of them at the Superbowl? (This video — with the wink and all — is a tad precious, but it is nice to see something with him being promoted.)

Tom Jones To Play Melbourne Concert
The Music

Veteran crooner and throwback Simpsons guest-star (remember that?) Tom Jones has announced that he will perform a one-off show in Melbourne next week — supported by resurgent Aussie troubadour Lanie Lane — in the lead-up to his appearance at the AFL Grand Final on September 27.

The man made famous by hits such as What’s New, Pussycat? (and a billion other songs) will now take to the Forum Theatre on Wednesday, September 24, ahead of his weekend soiree at the footy. As par for the course, fans will be treated to a range of tracks from the acclaimed singer’s extensive, colourful back catalogue — you know, which he’s only spent the past half-century compiling — as well as newer material drawn from 2012’s Spirit In The Room LP and its predecessor, Praise & Blame (2010).

He’ll be joined by the ever-luminous Ms Lane, who has a new album up her sleeve — Night Shade — set for release on October 24, via Ivy League. It’s been a little while since we’ve heard much from Lanie’s camp, so her return to the limelight with her new album and support slot for Jones should prove a most enlightening experience for those fortunate enough to be in attendance.

Tickets for Tom Jones’ Forum Theatre show will be available for purchase from 10am this Friday, September 19. If you can’t make that show, you’re not totally out of luck — following his Grand Final appearance, he and young buck Ed Sheeran will be putting on a free-entry, post-game celebration show for all and sundry. Entry is via gates 4-6 from 6pm, September 27.

Forum Theatre, Melbourne

A Dated, Satiric Tom Jones Acrostic (The 1st letters in each line form words).

Tonight I had the privilege/pleasure of attending a VIP screening of a doc called I Am Ali about the boxer. Key in Ali’s life and in this doc is Tom’s friend Gene Kilroy, who was once Ali’s business manager. Tom is in the film talking about his photo session and “fight” with the Champ. I am not generally a boxing fan, but this is a must-see, a very human, private look at a very public life. It’s wonderful. It opens in a week or two, depending upon where you are. It is about a jock but it is definitely not a movie just for guys.

Below is some silliness from an alleged humor website. It was written sometime between 1998 and 2007.

The Tom Jones Acrostic Poems

By Julie Wiskirchen |

Pussycat, pussycat

As I do my pelvic thrust

Nymphs chuck their knickers

Toward my general direction

I wipe the sweat off my brow

Ever so sexily with a red lace bikini and then toss those

Skanky undies back to the crowd


Kiss…women and girls rule my world, act your age

Not your shoe size

I am bathed in sweat

Can you see the bulge in my pants?

Kiss…don’t be too flirty, mama, I know how to undress me

Eager nymph tosses her panties at me

Reach to pick them up and then use them to wipe the

Sweat off my brow and toss them back at her!








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The New Version of Sex Bomb & The Sept. Question of the Month

Here’s Tom in a video by Frederikke Busch performing in Randers, Denmark on August 27. What do you think of this version and why do you think he changed it (as he did “Delilah” and “Green Green Grass”)?

TJI August Question of the Month: Tommy Iommi or Someone Else?

Lots of press buzz about Sir Tom recording a duet with Black Sabbath co-founder/guitarist/songwriter Tommy Iommi. So, the Question of the Month for August is:

Do you think the duet will happen? And, even if it does, with whom else would you like to see Sir Tom do a duet?

Playing Catch-up on TJI

dylan yellow hatHi: Back from almost a month away in NY with my family but without a computer and, in this case, an iPad with a keyboard didn’t cut it. (Four month-old Dylan is pictured left. She an her mom are wonderful. Got to catch up with some TJ friends, especially Mary and Patti.)

In the news, Sir Tom is wildly successful on his outside-North-America tour. He’s been primarily in the UK, but is soon heading to France, Denmark, Norway and España. He’s also played Luxembourg, Switzerland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and is doing a private gig or two along the way. A good friend of mine is working with him on one of those. Tough life, huh?

The Big TJ News Lately:
Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 8.40.05 AM

iommi bottom