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The Voice UK Season Finale Complete & Tom Duets With His Finalist Sally Barker On “Walking in Memphis”

It’s all over now….here’s Tom duetting with his finalist and, at the end, the winner is announced.

15 Responses to “The Voice UK Season Finale Complete & Tom Duets With His Finalist Sally Barker On “Walking in Memphis””

  1. Norman Says:

    Excellent song for Tom and Sally. I’ve heard him sing this live, shame he’s never recorded it solo. In terms of selling albums I think the result is the right one.

  2. Donna Smith Says:

    I agree about the song choice, Norman. I, too, have heard Tom sing “Walking in Memphis” live — March 2002 at Proctor’s in Schenectady, NY. I got a chill when he sang “I saw the ghost of Elvis …” and I still do just thinking about it. I wondered if Elvis was in the house as his friend sang that line.

  3. Ellen Says:

    The song — which Tom sings so beautifully — was recorded on the Australian version of “The Lead and How To Swing It.” It’s live and wonderful.

  4. Donna Smith Says:

    I was unable to view the first video of “The Voice UK Season Finale”. For some reason, I have a loop going of a contestant on the Voice U.S. deciding to pick Usher as her coach. I’m 10 minutes into the video and I’ve seen this segment about 4 times. What am I doing wrong??

  5. glenda currie Says:

    so beautiful .. so great together loved it xxx

  6. Singersavedme Says:

    I’m stuck in the same loop you are Donna, but was able to watch Tom and Sally sing their duet. It reminded me of the many duets he sang with a multitude of stars on “This is…Tom Jones” years ago. As I’ve watched and listened to Sally, I have been struck by how brave she is. How easy it is for us to do the same old thing, the easy thing; to not challenge ourselves and just give up on our hopes and dreams. Yet, there she was sharing her talent and life experience, and competing with all of those young ones on stage and on television. It seemed like all of that combined to make her so “pure,” as Wil stated, as well as put a teardrop or two in Tom’s eyes.

  7. lindag Says:

    I was connected to an Arabic site when I tried to check out the final show. I attempted see the video a few times and continued to be connected to the same site.

  8. Rafael Says:

    Yes, Ellen, it´s true. The CD bonus tracks of the London recordings “Three decades of cool” for Australian Editios of “The Lead…”. I could see him in Barcelona in May 2000 and he sang this song. I have ever listened this song before because the Australian Ediion was very difficult to catch. Now I have two copies.

  9. SusannePDX Says:

    There are too many songs TJ has sung in concert but never recorded. Its a shame.

  10. Singersavedme Says:

    According to Sir Tom’s fan site, he is revisiting Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas. So exciting — love to see interesting projects like that.

  11. lindag Says:

    Check out the new pictures of Sir Tom in Santa Monica on April 16th. No facial hair. Looks great!

  12. liz Says:

    I am seeing Tom in concert in the UK twice in July – once in the Midlands and once in Jersey (Channel Islands) where my daughter lives. I wonder whether he grew his beard for the Voice, for continuity, and whether he will be without it when he tours. Interesting.

  13. Jenna Says:

    Lindag thanks for the heads up, Sir Tom attending the Boxing at Barker pics. As much as I like his facial hair(very sexy IMHO)there is something exciting about seeing him with out it.Very nice indeed.

  14. Carole Says:

    Lindag thanks from me too. Jenna I couldn’t agree more. I also loved Sir Tom’s facial hair, but without it, I pay more attention to that wonderful smile and those twinkling eyes. Looking forward to the voice, smile, eyes and all the other things we love about him at Nashville and Atlanta – can hardly wait! Ellen great to have you back.

  15. Zandra Says:

    Brilliant!! SirTom has performed this in concert & it was recorded on CD as part of The Lead & How to Swing it souvenir edition in Australia.