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Morrissey Talks Tom (And Cliff); The Voice UK Episode 8 Complete

Morrissey is talking to the press. It may be interesting for you to go to the link and the comments section following the story. He certainly gets people going.

The| By Michael Hann | February 27, 2014

“Style was one of the determining factors in Morrissey’s selection of Tom Jones and Sir Cliff Richard to support him in forthcoming US shows, he has said in a new interview.

“When asked by Billboard why he had selected the “veteran frontmen”, Morrissey replied: “Veteran is a gentle way of saying ‘old’, isn’t it? Well, it’s only my view of course, but everything is a question of style, and Tom and Cliff qualify greatly in the style department, and age has nothing to do with it. There are millions of obese 19-year-olds who only buy clothes that blend in with the couch. ”

One Response to “Morrissey Talks Tom (And Cliff); The Voice UK Episode 8 Complete”

  1. SusannePDX Says:

    WTF does Morrissey mean?
    Oh, and Morrissey who?