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These are all the stories — in no particular category — that are posted for awhile on our home page. It’s a pretty good record of all we’ve posted in one place.

The Voice UK Full Ep; Promo For Who Killed “Tom Jones; Tom Arrives At Charity Event & Has Advice For New Dad Simon Cowell

Decided to embed, rather than email the download link this week because (1) more of you can see it if you wish and (2) And — until it gets taken down — I could do so.

TJI has been talking to you about the murder mystery book about TJ tribute artists called Who Killed ‘Tom Jones’ and are now happy to share the promotional trailer with you. The link to order the book is at the top right of this (and every) page. Check it out and consider ordering.

Sir Tom at the February 14 benefit for MendingKids at the House of Blues in LA. (Looking for show video. If you have it, please let me know.)

Tom gives advice to new dad Simon Cowell (Daily Mail video).


5 Responses to “The Voice UK Full Ep; Promo For Who Killed “Tom Jones; Tom Arrives At Charity Event & Has Advice For New Dad Simon Cowell”

  1. Gail Wentzloff Says:

    Nice videos – I would not have recognized Mel Gibson – does it look like Tom is growing the beard back?
    Seems like facial hair is all the rage these days. Wonder if Tom is going to be wearing glasses from now on?
    He looks good in them – thanks Ellen

  2. Eunice Says:

    Thanks for the videos, Ellen. It does look like the beard is returning. Too bad. Mel Gibson looked terrible. I wish Tom would distance himself from him, but he’s probably too nice to do it. Mr. G. looked much more anxious for the photos together than did Tom. I do get the Channel that was supposed to air the benefit, but it wasn’t on.

  3. Jane Says:

    What a treat this post is ! Thank you so much!!!

  4. SusannePDX Says:

    Thanks Ellen for the TJ video plus the book promo…I’m ordering it right now.

  5. lindag Says:

    Thanks for posting. Tom looks great but I wish the beard would go away. He looks some much better clean shaven in my opinion. Agree Tom looks good in the glasses. Wonder if he had a late night before.