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Sir Tom To Open For (“Support”) Morrissey in LA


Tom & Morrissey backstage at Tom's Troubadour concert in LA in May, 2-13

Tom & Morrissey backstage at Tom’s Troubadour concert in LA in May, 2-13

Sir Tom will open for Morrissey at the LA Sports Arena on Saturday, May 10 and, the next month, Sir Cliff Richard will do the same at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Tickets are not yet on sale. The arena seats 17,000 + people for sporting events.

Nice to see Tom back in a US arena.

But, I’ve been asked if this is a comedown for him. After all, he was the first to play an arena (MSG) alone.

What do you think?

18 Responses to “Sir Tom To Open For (“Support”) Morrissey in LA”

  1. Gail Wentzloff Says:

    I thought of it as a comedown – he may be doing it as he is a friend of Morrisey and wants to help him?

  2. Moderator Says:

    Well, judging from his Las Vegas concert last year, Morrissey doesn’t need help. But, it could b simply that they’re friends and he just wants to because it’ll be fun for him. He’s certainly entitled.

  3. SusannePDX Says:

    I think it is a come down BUT then again there will 17,000 more exposed to The Voice. I’ve alway said, once you see/hear Sir Tom live you are hooked for good!

  4. Attila Boros the painter Says:

    To be a special guest is different to opening a show for somebody. Tom opened a show for the Rolling Stones 50 years ago, but this time he will be a special guest as it is written on the poster. His performance will be one of the highlights of the show.

  5. Rick Says:

    No…this isn’t good in my opinion. Hope he won’t be doing car commercials next (Michael Bolton)

  6. Alix Says:

    This a great opportunity for Tom to show that he is more than a pop crooner. He is one of the greatest rock singers ever.

  7. Singersavedme Says:

    A wonderful opportunity for 17,000 and Tom. Picking the right songs is key. I wonder what would be the right songs for Tom Jones with 17,000 Morrissey fans?

  8. Singersavedme Says:

    Should have said this in the last comment: One of the things I most admire about Tom Jones is that he will sing to a crowd no matter who they are, where they are, and what his status is. As he has frequently said, even when the TV and records disappeared, the people still went to see and hear him. I remember when Tom was struggling to find his place, after being on top for years, and he ended up playing at what most people would call a come-down club in Costa Mesa, CA. It was clearly not about the money, it was not about the status — it was only about a singer who had to sing. Right now, whatever the man with the “gift of the golden voice” chooses is a come-up.

  9. liz Says:

    Many people in the UK only realised that Tom still had an incredible voice after hearing him sing at the Diamond Jubilee concert in London. A couple of songs is all it takes for Tom to gain new admirers. Also, I am not sure that a special guest is the same as a support.

  10. Judy Says:

    I don’t think of it as a come down, let’s look at it this way, maybe he is seeing what kind of reaction he gets from the US crowd.

  11. Moderator Says:

    I have gotten a few calls from fans about this — fans who didn’t want to post their answers (although no one should be afraid to do so) who asked me to comment in their stead. Don’t have much to say but the plain fact is that Tom s opening for someone else. For better or worse,that’s what it is and he deserves to be the headliner. In the end, there’s no difference between “support,” special guest” or “opening.” Different words, same job. Sure, people new to Tom will get to hear him.But what’s next? (And, please note, “comedown” is one compound word, not two separate words.)

  12. Marian Says:

    Morrissey, who??? LOL

  13. Eunice Says:

    I totally agree with you, Ellen. With a talent as great and unique as Tom’s, he should be nothing less than a headliner. Maybe more capable representation would pull in the audiences to the venues appropriate for him.

  14. Singersavedme Says:

    I agree with Ellen and everyone, (as well as Tom, whom I’m sure believes he is a headliner), but for fans, shoulda, woulda, coulda doesn’t get us or Tom to a concert. I imagine that he will love singing to thousands, even if he isn’t the star attraction. I imagine he just loves singing everywhere he can. It does seem like management is out of touch with how to manage talent today — if Britney and Kanye can do Vegas, we all know Tom can rock it. But, he’s kind of like the mafia where loyalty trumps everything, including business sense.

  15. Jenna Says:

    I also agree with everyone that Tom Jones should be the headliner… Tom Jones live in his concert zone(the voice and presence) it will be electrifying. I also think once you see him live you are hooked. It wouldn’t surprise me if Tom does end up being the star attraction. Just hope Morrissey comes prepared. Is anyone here planning to attend?

  16. James Says:

    1. Who is Morrisey (seriously)?
    2. Why is Tom opening for someone less well known than himself?
    3. Anyone knows that lesser known acts are always supporting bands for the main event!

  17. Stewart Says:

    Imagine during the time of Elvis or Frank Sinatra either of them opening for someone else…and that someone else being less well known than either of them. With Tom’s talent, he should be an icon is the U.S. This all goes back to the same thing we’ve already discussed…the lack of respect for Tom due to his image problem.

  18. Angie Says:

    Come down? Come on! No way! If Tom WANTED to perform anywhere – he is still hot. Why does everything have to be a “reason” or a “sign” of some sort. I guess its because we fans are so desperate to see him perform here in the States and so longing for it, we grasp at anything. Judging from his itinerary on his site, he is scheduled to perform in Europe all summer so that leaves the Fall. Unless the rich fans can see him in the U.K. since he has about a dozen performances there. I cannot go, but if I could – I would. So its not “come down”, its “come over!”