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New Video, Articles About Tom: Will. i. am: “…You don’t often get the chance to hang out with legends like Tom…”

TJI learned for sure last week that Tom’s new CD has been mastered and, now, it is in a newspaper that it will be released in May. To promote it, he’s going back to the tracks – 2 UK racecourse dates for Sir Tom:

On Friday, June 22, Sir Tom will play Kingsholm Rugby Stadium in Gloucester, where he has family roots. Buy tickets here or call 0871 871 8781 opt 2. A VIP package including an allocated padded seat in prime viewing of the stage as well as access into a private lounge with its own bar and a welcome drink on arrival is £60. Add a two-course meal and it’s £100 and a hospitality suite and it’s £1,500 for 12 people. General admission is £32.

Negotiations noted here on December 27 have borne fruit and Sir Tom will again play Newmarket Racecourse. The date is Friday, August 10. “Adrian Simpson, sales and marketing director at Newmarket Racecourses, said: “We’re thrilled that Tom Jones is returning to Newmarket Nights in 2012. His performance last year sold out quickly so people interested in attending this year will need to be quick. We can guarantee everyone attending a wonderful evening of top racing and live music.”

Tickets are now on sale and start from £12 for under 16’s and £22 for adults. To book tickets or for more information visit Newmarket Racecourses or call 01638 675500. Prices range from £22 to £40 for adults and £12 to £17 for children.

‘People are seeing and not listening’: Tom Jones slams other reality shows for focusing on styling over vocal talent

By Liz Thomas | The Daily Mail PUBLISHED: 18:19 EST, 11 March 2012 | UPDATED: 18:44 EST, 11 March 2012

Modern music is too focused on styling and production over vocal ability, Sir Tom Jones has warned. As on X Factor, left.)

The 71-year-old singer said people had got too used to “watching” artists and the industry needed to get back to basics of finding talented and unique stars.

'Too much production;' The Voice coach Sir Tom Jones has taken a dig at The X Factor, claiming modern music is now less about vocal ability.

In a dig at ITV’s The X Factor he added that his new show The Voice was purely about singing rather than a lavish production or an image overhaul.

He said: ‘People now are seeing and not really listening. You can see shows with a lot of singers in there and there is a production value involved, a lot of people like that kind of thing but I like to hear a voice.’

The veteran entertainer added that many artists today sounded the same because record bosses are too focused on finding acts that are similar or can be compared to those already a success.

He added: ‘I look and listen to these shows for talent. I don’t want to hear someone copying other people.

“I don’t want someone to say, oh you don’t move like so and so and so or you need to be more like so and so for production values.

‘We have to start with basic talent. It’s like listening to the record for the first time without knowing who that person is.’

The X Factor, which Cowell created, is famed for the millions it spends on production values to provide a Saturday night spectacle.

Sir Tom also said he had been offered a role on all the talent shows but had turned others down.

In a further criticism of The X Factor and similar shows, he said he opted for The Voice because it had “four coaches” instead of judges and the coaches were made up of successful singers rather than managers or record company bosses.

The X Factor has had a mix of artists, managers and record company bosses as its judging panel .

Sir Tom said: ‘We are here to be coaches. We are not judging them. It’s the first time they’ve had four singers as coaches not record producers.’

His comments come at a time when ITV and the BBC admitted they are embroiled in a bitter battle for Saturday night audiences, this spring.

BBC1’s The Voice will clash with Britain’s Got Talent on ITV1 when they launch on Saturday March 24.

To see the rest of this article and the interview with Will. i. am where he talks about Tom and explains why the UK version of The Voice is better than the US version, please click here to

Schedules have yet to be finalised but BBC1 is aiming to broadcast the first episode between 7 and 7.30pm.

An ITV insider admitted it plans to schedule Britain’s Got Talent between 7.45 and 8pm on the same night.

As the opening episode of The Voice will be at least 75 minutes long — this means there will be an overlap between the two.

Nice and simple: Sir Tom keeps his own acts basic to concentrate on his singing skills

Corporation executives believe ITV has brought forward the start date to Britain’s Got Talent by more than three weeks, compared to when the show began last year.

They believe it is a deliberate attempt to undermine its new talent show, which will see Sir Tom, Jessie J,, and The Script’ s Danny O’Donaghue, attempt to find a singing star.

The first series of Britain’s Got Talent aired in June, but since it has traditionally launched in April.

There is a lot riding on the success of The Voice for the corporation, as it spent £22million on the rights for the show.

BBC1 has secured a two-year deal for the reality entertainment show, which was originally a Dutch format but has been a big success in the US.

ITV is angry at suggestions that it is trying damage the BBC show, which is presented by Holly Willoughby and Reggie Yates, saying its own programme is the ‘incumbent’ and accusing the corporation of ‘pitching’ The Voice directly up against Britain’s Got Talent.

BBC sources believe that its commercial rival was ‘spooked’ by the success of the last series of Strictly Come Dancing last year.

Corporation insiders believe ITV, which also bid for The Voice, is worried it will hit Britain’s Got Talent’s ratings.

A BBC insider said: ‘It is no coincidence that for the first time in four years they are [bringing] Britain’s Got Talent forward knowing The Voice would be set to transmit.

‘They obviously want to get it up and running before The Voice starts. It is because they are so worried it will steal their Saturday night thunder.’

‘It spooked them because Strictly did so well.’

But an ITV source hit back: ‘We thought they were going to do it in the first quarter of the year and are surprised that they decided to pitch it against Britain’s Got Talent. We are the incumbent and they are playing it against us effectively.’

The two broadcasters traditionally battle for ratings in the autumn when The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing both broadcast on Saturday nights.

There was huge public outcry when the two programmes overlapped in 2009, prompting the BBC to move Strictly to an earlier time.

The Voice has a similar format to shows like The X Factor but at initial auditions the judges are unable to see the acts and they must make their decisions solely on the artist’s vocal skills. ‘The Voice UK will honor what music was originally about’

Published Sunday, Mar 11 2012, 8:01pm EDT | By Alex Fletcher | Digital Spy

Black Eyed Peas star has revealed that he wanted to take part in The Voice UK because he believes the show will “honor” the original spirit of pop music from the 1950s and ’60s. said that working alongside Welsh icon Tom Jones was a deal-breaker in getting him to join the series, because the ‘Green, Green Grass of Home’ singer had performed through five decades and witnessed the changing face of pop music.

“We started with a music industry being one thing where it was truly about the song, the performance, the voice. You didn’t know if the singer was short, black, white, fat or skinny,” said

“Tom Jones was a part of that. He was a part of music when it was about going on the Ed Sullivan Show and American Bandstand. He was a part of that. He witnessed the American music industry when it was feuding black and white. He saw two cultures come together.

“That’s why I’m proud to work on a show with Tom. He worked through the ’70s and ’80s. And then MTV was born. He’s lived in the ’90s when people could sell two million CDs in a week. He’s now living in the ’00s when people hear music on their phones and every detail about this show can be shared in split seconds online.”

The I Gotta Feeling singer added: “Hopefully this show will honor what music was originally about and take it back full circle to what it was always meant to be, The Voice.” claimed that the presence of Jones made the BBC series superior to the US version of The Voice, which features Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green as coaches.

“In this industry these days you don’t often get the chance to hang out with legends like Tom anymore,” he said.

“To hang out with him and pick his brain is unbelievable. The difference between the UK and US Voice is Tom. He grounds this show in so much authenticity. I get to go back to America and when I speak to Cee Lo, I’m like, ‘I was hanging with Tom’.” also sung the praises of the other two Voice UK coaches Jessie J and Danny O’Donoghue, describing Jessie as a “real pick-me up, like 1,000 volts of electricity”.

Joking about The Script frontman O’Donoghue, he said: “Danny has been super cool. I never thought I would meet someone who talks about music every second. I was eating lunch with him and he was like, ‘Dude, I just wrote this song about my sandwich’.”

The Voice
launches on Saturday, March 24 on BBC One.

13 Responses to “New Video, Articles About Tom: Will. i. am: “…You don’t often get the chance to hang out with legends like Tom…””

  1. Paula Says:

    So nice to read what Will. i. am is saying about Tom and to read positive stuff related to “The Voice UK.” instead of reading about Sir Tom trashing someone. That is way beneath him. Just listened to “I Gotta Feeling. Loved it!

  2. Adam Mc Ateer Says:

    Looking at the official Tom Jones website I see they reckon Sandown Park Race course is in Switzerland and it seems that Newmarket Racecourse has suddenly moved from England across the sea to Ireland lol. What next MGM Grand in Scotland haha.

  3. Moderator Says:

    Well, it looks they corrected their errors, Adam. But I’d love that! Some wonderful Glaswegians have just invited me to California for a film festival next month. Maybe I can invite them to the MGM in their home country.

  4. Gill Says:

    When, Tom said “Its about time” my heart missed a beat because I thought he was going to say “Its about time I stopped singing and do something else.

  5. Michael Says:

    It was really good news to read about Tom´s new CD. I am looking forward to it very much.

  6. John Says:

    A new album like praise and blame ????

  7. Oqi Says:

    Well producer is Ethan so i bet its not meant to be “commercial music” so much like Praise&Blame album was, AND HONESTLY I HOPE IT IS!

  8. Wren Says: has got his head screwed on straight! Tom is a music icon and he will make “The Voice” UK-Edition everthing the US Edition wishes it could be. Now if we can just get Tom back in the USA for a few appearances…

  9. Moderator Says:

    Gill: Your heart can rest easy. I’d stake anything on the fact he will never say that; that he’s in this to the end.

    Oqi: The concept of “commercial” is – happily – not as it used to be. It is not always “pop” or music one can hum, music that is easy. “Commercial” has a lot to do with familiarity. If people hear it, get used to it and come to know it, there’s a good chance they’ll ask for it and it will become commercial. They usually do not ask for what they don’t know. Sorry but, once again, it comes back to promotion – the right kind of promotion. That is, to reaching out to people and,in a sense, inviting them to listen. A large part of this is reaching out to fans – assuring them that they matter with contests, special promotions and outreach to fans everywhere, not just in one relatively small country and doing this while seeking new fans.

    Many of Tom’s best albums – Reload, Tom Jones-Jools Holland and Matador come to mind – were not released widely in Europe and not at all in North America.

    24 Hours, a work that saw a change of producers in the middle of the recording process was a mish-mash or hodgepodge of all sorts of stuff that no one bothered selling. While the New York City PR company employed to work on it did a good job as long as they were allowed to – getting Tom in Vanity Fair Magazine, for example – they were taken off the project too soon and, in essence, it died.

    Tom Jones, as many have said here, deserves better. He hasn’t gotten it in many years outside of Europe and it’s to be hoped he will with the new album which, I’m afraid, is one that those involved in such things hope to sell mostly on the strength of The Voice UK. That’s too bad.

    Tom is well-known worldwide and the effort to promote him should be worldwide. Really, a gold record is awarded in the UK for 100,000 units ordered. In the US, it’s for 500,000. That many more units means that five times the orders and five times the money to be made. Wouldn’t it thus be wise to promote it everywhere there’s a chance to sell, especially if it’s an album of music indigenous to one particular country? Let’s be honest: Tom may have been singing “roots” music on Praise and Blame, but those aren’t his roots. Unless he’s a man from the Southern United States and, most probably, a black man. That does not mean his versions of these wonderful songs don’t have validity. Because this is not his personal roots music, the fact he’s recording it is very laudable. Promotion should work to seek recognition of this fact.

  10. SusannePDX Says:

    Tom doesn’t get the promotion he deserves because I think his management is lazy and out of touch. As a long time fan that’s my two cents.

    Thanks TJI for the video.

  11. norman Says:

    Ellen I’m surprised you say that ‘Reload’ wasn’t released widely in Europe….it was and was a smash…. Tom promoted it heavily….

    Gold award – Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Holland, Switzerland
    Platinum award – Germany, Italy, Sweden
    Double Platinum award – Spain
    Triple Platinum award – UK

  12. Moderator Says:

    Norman: I didn’t mean to insult all of Europe but that doesn’t lessen the truth that you were wrong. I was wrong when I said the album was only released in the UK and I apologize.

    Consider, please: All of those metal records add up to a total of 1,446,000 units shipped/sold in 12 countries. (Depending upon the country, “shipped” or “sold” units goes toward the total. So does downloads in some places.

    And, while the numbers for Reload are nice, they’re not what they ought to have been. And, you can throw around as many precious metals as you wish. In this instance, gold and platinum are meaningless without the numbers behind them:

    The numbers are: (Gold award — Austria (10,000), Belgium (10,000) Denmark (10,000), France (50,000) Greece (6,000) , Holland (25,000), Switzerland (15,000)
    Platinum award — Germany (200,000), Italy (60,000), Sweden (40,000)
    Double Platinum award — Spain (120,000)
    Triple Platinum award — UK (900,000)

    Actually, the numbers underscore my point. In the US, one gets a gold record for 500,000 units. A platinum is awarded for 1,000,000 units. Now, I’m not saying the USA is better, I’m just pointing out that promotion here can bear much richer fruit.

    The Stones, Beatles, U2, Eric Clapton and Elvis are among those who have earned at least 10 times platinum by the standards of the RIAA, the Recording Industry Association of America. What you have proven is what We know –– Tom is good at what he does and he does not get promoted properly in North America.

    If the powers-that-be thought people in the USA didn’t know the acts with which he performed on Reload, (a reason for only releasing it in Europe) they should have done another with acts they believed would be known. (I’m not sure, BTW, that would have been necessary. Release of a good product can get airplay. Reload was good.)

    So, I again apologize for what I said about Europe, but firmly stand by my assertion. If I were crass, I’d look at your numbers and say, simply, “big whoops.”

    But I’m not crass, so I’ll just note that it could have been so much bigger. And my conviction that this is so has nothing to do with my country of origin. I just know too many people in the business who see it as I do.

    The possibilities were – and are with each release – potentially endless. In reality,it all seems to come to an end for each record much too soon. It doesn’t matter where you live or how jingoistic you are. It’s a pity.

  13. Patty K Says:

    I agree with SuzannePDX regarding Tom’s management. It seems like they are not really interested in promoting Tom’s music in the US. His son & daughter-inlaw are his managers. I remember when they tried to get Tom away from the sexy image. He can’t help that when he sings, it just happens. I read an article awhile back that said his grandaughter told him to stop acting like that on stage because it was embarassing for her. Maybe Tom should think of getting new management that would promote the great talent that he is. He should have been in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame years ago. It’s very sad to me that he is such a music icon & so underrated. Does anyone think that Justin Bieber will be aroud for forty or fifty decades? What a joke yet everywhere you look; there he is.Tom definately is not getting the honor or awards he is so worthy of. Thank you Ellen for the excellent website & all of your hard work.If you don’t publish this because I mentioned Tom’s family; I will understand.