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The August Question of the Month: A Song?

Fans everywhere seem pretty excited that Tom added (resurrected?) Chills and Fever (video here) to his setlist last week. With that in mind, the TJI Question of the Month for August is simple:

You have the choice of one song – just one! – that can be added to Tom’s setlist. What song and why would you choose it?

Added Note: A couple of people named obscure songs – “obscure” because they haven’t been recorded, just performed in live shows or they’re B sides. I’ll post at least two of those tomorrow. If there any other you’d like to hear in his set, post it in a comment and, if I can, I’ll post them.

54 Responses to “The August Question of the Month: A Song?”

  1. Ignace Lowie Says:

    “This and That” is my favourite song I like to be added to Tom’s setlist. And this because
    of the superb mix of Tom’s baritonic voice and the bombastic sound of the orchestra!

  2. Adam Says:

    I’d have Tom add “The Young” New Mexican Puppeteer”. I’ve always liked it, and it was on the first Tom album I’ve ever bought. I’d wish more forgotten songs like this would be included rather than doing “Kiss” again and again and again…..

  3. Gill Says:

    I go with Ignace Lowie,I love “This & That” too,Tom should do more of the early songs,to keep things intresting.

  4. Rafael Says:

    Walk Tall (Valley of the shadows), the “B Side” of Carrying a torch Single. I think it is one of the best Tom Jones 90s song.

  5. Brian Says:

    cany stop loving you from the 60s not the country one!

  6. Sarah Says:

    He just did it…Chills & Fever!! Except for Little Lonely One, I’d say he’s come full circle!

  7. Jane Says:

    “Love Me Tonight.” It’s his song alone and the title says it all.

  8. Leti Says:

    SOOOOO hard to choose.”ONCE THERE WAS TIME”.

  9. Tammy S Says:

    I would add “Standing Invitation To Lay Down By Her Side” to his set list. I’m such a sucker for songs that combine romance with telling a story!

  10. Sandy a. Says:

    How about More Than Memories because Sir Tom Jones can sing anything and i really love this song.

  11. Donna Smith Says:

    I’m with Jane on “Love Me Tonight”. It’s always been one of my favorites. I’d love to hear it live again.

  12. Ilene Says:

    My favorite is, always been, and always will be “I’m Coming Home”. It was never released in the US, only in the UK. I think it’s one of his best love songs of all times. He always sounds fabulous when singing love songs. I would kill to hear him sing it in person. My favorite in the US is “Till”. It alwyas reminds me of the old days at Ceasars Palace when he would sing it at the beginning of his show as he came down a long stairway that lead to the stage. :)

  13. Moderator Says:

    I’m Coming Home was released in the USA in the retrospective collection Tom Jones Gold.

  14. SusannePDX Says:

    “A Boy From Nowhere”

  15. Norman Says:

    Moderator I’m going to cheat and it’s your fault you didn’t say whether it was one of Tom’s songs or any other song – so it’s your fault!!! Heh heh! ‘Walking in Memphis’ if it’s someone elses song or ‘Love Me Tonight’ if it’s one of his. The reason- he sings the first brilliantly and the second is one of his best which he hasn’t included for ages, and I agree with the ‘Young New Mexican Pupetteer’ too but now I’m really cheating!!!!!

  16. Moderator Says:

    Norman: If I had meant only a Tom Jones song, I would’ve said that. I meant any song and I think the context – mentioning Chills and Fever – implied his music only. But Young New Mexican Puppeteer is, I believe, absolutely loathsome. I once heard someone talk to Tom about it He couldn’t understand why so many people hate it. I can understand. It’s awful. There are many, many other songs that extol the virtues of peace that don’t bring Jesus into the picture. And, please, no debate on what was known on as “the awful puppet song.” Please, let’s not debate this. You are entitled to your opinion and I know many people share mine. So, enough said.

  17. Kenny Says:

    She’s a lady.

  18. Andy Hastings Says:


  19. Barb Says:

    I have to agree with Ilene. I can close my eyes and see Tom on the stairway in the Circus Maximus at Caesar’s Palace singing ‘Till! There are many great songs, but this is definitely my favorite.

  20. lindag Says:

    “Daughter of Darkness”. I don’t know why but I could listen to the song for hours on end.

  21. Lloyd Says:

    SHE’S A LADY…because there are certain songs that should be in every Tom Jones concert…and SHE’s A LADY is one of them (along with It’s Not Unusual, I’ll Never Fall in Love Again, The Green Green Grass of Home,and Delilah). Why SHE’S A LADY was taken out is something I can’t understand.

  22. Kathy s Says:

    The Boy from Nowhere, I think this is amazing and showcases his voice and how he connects to music .

  23. Jim A. Says:

    I like a good “B” side surprise such as “If I Had You.” Like Gill, I like the early stuff.

  24. Audrey M Says:

    Most of what has been suggested here are good ideas. Love More Than Memories too, but going along with the nostalgia of Chills and Fever, I would vote for I’m Not Responsible.

  25. Michael H. Says:

    Easy.. THE REASON!!!!!

  26. Stewart Says:

    Motherless Child. The emotion I hear in Tom’s voice when singing this song is amazing. I also think it;s a great song.

  27. Martine Says:

    ” With these hands ” which is a lovely song where Tom’s voice is both soft and powerful. Besides one of the numerous things that I love in Tom are his hands. If I had to describe the perfection in terms of hands I would describe his.

  28. John Says:

    Several song like : Sunny afternoon – love me tonight – daughter of darkness – hey american trilogy –

  29. Oqi Says:

    Heaven help us all, damn its a great song..

  30. vince Says:

    I never heard the Walk Tall song in the 90’s. Ellen- do you have it to upload on the site??

  31. Moderator Says:

    Try to choose just one, please.

  32. Peter Says:

    From The Lead and How to Swing It: A Girl Like You.

  33. Debbie Oakes Says:

    I would choose “I Who Have Nothing.” I like the way Tom sings it with such emotion.

  34. Cristinao Says:

    If I could choose…I who have nothing! Yes Yes!!!
    But I’ve loved him in “I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor”!!!

  35. SusannePDX Says:

    Maybe some day the Question of the Month could be our favorite top 3 songs. LOL 😉

  36. Frederikke Busch Says:

    I’ll Never Fall in Love Again !! 😀 !! I love this song, and I love when he sings the song live at his concerts !! 😀 !!

  37. JORGE Says:

    Muchas canciones de Tom me gustan pero quiero recordar dos canciones olvidadas “EVERY MILE” y DON`T LEAVE ME IN THE MORNING

  38. kel w Says:

    I would love to hear him sing Tuff Enough by the Fabulous Thunderbirds…

  39. Dana Says:

    “I Like the Way” – Excellent for live shows as an encore song. Gets people up on their feet.

  40. heather Says:

    Till, For us old fans do you remember when Tom would sing one verse of Till and you could hear a pin drop in Ceasars Palace then he came on stage and the audience went crazy. Those were the good old days, OMG, to hear him do that one more time would be a dream for alot of us fans.

  41. Barb Says:

    I remember, Heather. Those were great days in Vegas! When he finished singing ‘Till, he would welcome the ladies, thank the gentlemen “for bringing them here this evening”, and flash that gorgeous smile.

  42. Joe Murray Says:

    I vote for “Tonight I’m Lovin You.” I think Tom could really take that song to a whole new level.

  43. Carole Says:

    I was just listening to “Memory” that Sir Tom sang on the old “Johnny Carson Show”. Since his voice is even richer now, it would be a fabulous addition to his setlist – he would be amazing. He did it with such feeling power, that i’m sure he would get a standing ovation. Martine: I love his hands too – they’re so expressive! That’s “one” of the reasons I like to sit up front at his concerts.

  44. DRe Says:

    When i read the answers i think it might be time for a greatest hits tour !
    I suggest “Angels” by Robbie Williams ! ( to me Robbie is the new tom jones (he cannot match vocally) but everything else he’s got IT ) we all love him over here.

  45. TJFriend Says:

    For me, it will always be “Can’t Stop Loving You”. Even at the age of 4, back then, it was and still is, a song I could listen to and never become tired of it. It also brings back a lot of wonderful memories of my childhood including times at the Westbury Music Fair. Enjoy the remaining days of Summer.

  46. Joanne Says:

    I didn’t answer this question originally because I didn’t think I could possibly pick just one song…but after reading Carole’s answer, I have to vote with her for “Memory” from “Cats.” Tom’s rendition of this song on Johnny Carson’s “Tonight” show was fantastic!! And that show had one of the funniest interviews of Tom’s that I’ve ever seen – he tells a story about Linda giving him back some jewelry that he’d bought for her after they’d had an argument, and how he (having had “a little too much to drink”…LOL!!) opened the limo window and threw it all out onto the highway outside the Westbury Music Fair…that is, until she brought out the “big guns” and gave him a huge diamond ring, which he put right in his pocket….LOL!! Funny stuff!

  47. Darla Says:

    I picked “Help Yourself”, because it was my first time seeing him in concert. When he sang that song the whole section including me sang along with him.When he came to the part, “I HAVE LOVE ENOUGH FOR TWO”, many people put their own number in and I sang “I HAVE LOVE ENOUGH FOR YOU”. It was so much fun. It’s a happy song too.

  48. Virginia S. Says:

    I pick “Say You’ll Stay Until Tomorrow” because that was my first Tom Jones recording that I bought followed by many and my first Tom Jones concert in 1980 at Westbury Music Fair followed by many others from NY and Pa. to Fl. and Vegas.

  49. gaillovestj Says:

    I am torn between Love Me Tonight and A Boy from Nowhere – love both of them

  50. Eunice Says:

    I would echo the opinions of those who chose “Memory.” I saw him sing it live and it was beyond beautiful!

  51. Pat Lowndes Says:


  52. Carole Says:

    Eunice: How lucky you are!

  53. Moderator Says:

    There are many songs I’d put on that he’s done before but, whenever he’d sing “Fly Me To The Moon” I wish if he was going to do a Sinatra standard it would be the very much more interesting One For My Baby. It would’ve been spectacular!

  54. maggie rigney Says:

    there is a song everytime i play it i say this should of been written for sir tom its called all is fair in love and it is done by stevie wonder but i think this song would show toms vocals! i would love to hear him sing it and record it! its on stevie wondres innervisions cd