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Sir Tom Is 70 Today!

Sir Tom news is all over print and electronic press outlets and, tomorrow, TJI will have complete coverage. If you see anything you believe TJI might miss, please send it – especially the Delilah tribute on BBC 1 Wales.

One gift Tom’s fans can get today is the new 7-inch single What Good Am I?/Burning Hell. You can order it using the Townsend Records link at right. Just get to the page the link takes you and scroll down. There’s the single.

For a year now people have been writing that Sir Tom Jones will celebrate his 70th birthday on June 7, 2010. Well, here it is – let the celebrations begin! (Also, if you believe in some kind of cosmic connections, let us not forget that Prince – who gave Tom Kiss – is celebrating his 52nd birthday today. And Dean Martin – remember “I live in Los Angeles in Dean Martin’s house. It won’t be Tom Jones’ house until I sell it?” – was born June 7, 1917. Life can be strange.)

(And, if you want to toast Sir Tom with a special drink – assuming you’re all out of Dom Perignon and cognac – here’s a recipe for a very, very sweet cocktail, a “Tom Jones” from the Wayne Collins at the BBC: Preparation time: less than 30 mins/Cooking time: no cooking required/Serves 1 – Ingredients: 25ml/1fl oz Genever gin, 25ml/1fl oz fresh lemon juice, plus 1 slice lemon, to garnish, dash sugar syrup, crushed ice, 25ml/1fl oz Welsh blackberry and elderberry ‘port’ (Elderport), splash lemonade, 1 bramble berry, to garnish (optional)/Preparation method: 1.Pour the gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and Welsh blackberry and elderberry ‘port’ into a cocktail shaker. 2.Add a scoop of crushed ice and shake hard. 3. Strain the mixture into a highball glass and top up with lemonade. 4. To serve, hook the lemon slice over the side of the glass. Garnish the glass with the bramble, if using.)

Surely, Tom will be celebrating with his loved ones and it’s only right that the people who have had so much to do with his success over the years have their say. That, of course, is us, the fans.

Of course, I wouldn’t presume to speak for anyone else, feel free to adopt the sentiments in my wish (or any wish below) as your own::

Sir Tom, may the pleasure your music has given to so many be returned a hundredfold to you. And may you continue to make your music for years and years. I hope your birthday will be wondrous and filled with everything you hold dear – the people you love most, the music you love most and, even, the food and drink you love most. Sometime during your day, may you find a moment to think of the fans who have (some for decades) been with you, cheering the good times, applauding the great music and fervently believing that, no matter what happens, the most glorious days are yet to come.

To enjoy some photos of Sir Tom over the years, the wishes from some of the fans who gather at TJI (that were posted in no particular order ) and another look at Tom getting a song and a cake on Jools Holland’s show, click here to

Susanne Jenson: Sir Tom, Many your 70th year be filled with song, adventure, health, peace and love. You are timeless.

Martine: These are my words to my beloved Tom for his birthday: Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift to God. May this blessed relation last till the end of time.”

Gail Wentzloff: Sir Tom I want to thank you for the many years of joy you have given me listening to that great voice and having the privilege of seeing you in concert many times over the years. I send you best wishes for a Happy Birthday and may you continue to entertain us for many more years to come.

Katherine K: Gwyn eich byd adymunaf I Chwi Iawenydd bob amser – Happy 70th Birthday Tom! Love, Katherine K

BeBe: I guess every Birthday is special – but 70 years! Oh my! Mr Jones I hope you are happy, healthy and with good voice … and that whatever you wish for may come true and always and forever please us with your voice wherever you go … Love BeBe xo

Lori M: Thank you so much for bringing so many years of wonderful music to my life! You are truly amazing and I love listening and watching you! Have a very Fabulous Birthday!! Love you so. Some people should live forever, and you are one of them Sir Tom.

Shirley Pillow: A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY YEAR is wished for you Sir Tom Jones! Words cannot express the amount of pleasure your have given me, my family and countless others, every day, over many years. Thank you, over and over again. Also, congratulations on your latest award to be given to you soon. Take care of yourself. We need you. Love, Shirley Pillow

Manuela: On Monday, june 7th 2010 I’ll make an exception to the rule and have a glass of champagne over lunch. Keep rocking your fans all over the world, they adore you for it. The crowd will always cheer for you even at a venue as small as the Rockhal in Luxembourg. I can hardly wait to see and hear what’s next. Enjoy your birthday; to the next 70 years. Love, Manuela.”

Rosemary Trezza: I wish you, Tom, the best of health in body, soul and voice. Your voice, music, and shows have been a part of my life for over 40 years bringing a smile to my face every time. May you celebrate your birthday in whatever way you like. Happy, happy 70th birthday, Tom! May you enjoy many, many more…..

Sebastian Allen Sanzera: Stay healthy, I like the white hair, you have been one of my favorite performers since way back when, I always try to see you when you perform in Vegas, I live here too, I also have a son named Marc, I met you twice, once at Studio 54 in NYC, and once at an Italian restaurant here in Vegas late at night, it has since closed off DI and Maryland, just wanted to say Hi!

Zia: Much love and best wishes to you on this special birthday. Hope you enjoy your day and look forward to seeing you soon……

Gill: A seventieth birthday’s a gift of it’s own, a time for recalling the pleasures you’ve known, it’s time to look back on all that you’ve done and reflect that this life is a wonderful one. You’re fondly thought of by family and friends, a one-in-a-million everyone would agree. So, Tom have a wonderful time and may all good things always come your way.

Sandy: Tom, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! We are looking forward to many more years of those special smiles you put on our faces. Much happiness to you and your family. – Sandy from Texas

Sunila: Dear Tom, I wish you a very happy birthday. Thank you for the years of musical bliss. Good health to you and your loved ones. Yours in music, Sunila (aka Dragonlady)

Christian Milan: Oh, it often takes many words; To say a simple thing; It takes thought and time; And rhyme to make a poem sing; With music and words; I’ve been playing; I have written a song; To be sure that you know; What I’m saying; I’ll translate; As I go along; Fly me to the moon….”; for another seven decades.

Carol Orentlicher: Dear Tom, On this very special birthday, I wish you laughter, family, good friends, fantastic health, and as much music and dancing as you could ever want, for all years to come. You have brought so much positive energy into so many people’s lives, which is why you are so loved. I hope you have the peace of mind that your enormous talent, and uplifting attitude made a difference to so many people. I am a self employed nutritionist, health counselor and personal trainer for special populations, with many years of experience. If you ever need my services, I offer them as a birthday gift to you.

Leola: Happy birthday.

Barb: Happy Birthday, Sir Tom. May your day be filled with love, happiness, good health, and, of course, music! May you feel as happy and lucky as I after attending one of your concerts. Hope all your dreams are coming true. Enjoy your day with family and friends, and then please hurry back to your fans. We miss you on stage. – Barb

Anna: I wish Tom a Happy Birthday and many more :) Happy 70th Sir Tom Jones thank you for all the music.

Diane: TJ, as you celebrate this very special year, my wish for you is health, happiness and joy that lasts all through the year. Thank you for everything you have given us over the years, and congratulations on Praise and Blame. God Bless you, Diane Hauser

Frederikke:Dear Sir Tom Jones !! 😀 !! Happy Birthday !! 😀 !! From Frederikke Busch, from Denmark !! 😀 !!

Penny: I hope you have a blessed day and do something you enjoy….or just kick back in a recliner…..I cannot tell you how many years/hours your music has brought enjoyment to me… are fabulous….HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM! – Penny, Oklahoma City

When I was young and watched your tv show,
I thought you were cool, but I didn’t know
That the first time I saw you sing “Tom Jones International”
I’d be filled with a passion that doesn’t seem rational.
Because when you’re on the stage I can’t sit still,
Your energy infects me —I get such a thrill!

And when I’m driving and need some fun,
I turn up the speakers, and Tom’s the one.
It could be With These Hands or Good Morning Blues
I’m Alive, Delilah
or If I Only Knew
It doesn’t matter the beat or song,
Because as long as you’re singing, it can’t be wrong.

You give me a smile and an inner glow
That has me impatient for your next show.
These Birthday wishes I’m sending to you.
Include health and happiness in whatever you do.
Please keep on singing and trying new styles
I’ll be there to thank you for giving me smiles.

Audrey: I was twelve years old when I first became aware of who you were. When I watched you on TV I wasn’t sure what it was, but I knew you had something very special. As I grew older, you were to me what Frank and Dean were to the generation before only with a rocking, rhythm and blues edge. Watching This Is Tom Jones was not just a weekly television show to me, it was an event, a feeling of witnessing a talent that was as incomparable then as it continues to be today. My birthday wish for you is that you take time today to reflect on your amazing life and feel in your heart the appreciation and respect you have earned from grateful fans like myself. Well done Tom Jones, and may you keep giving me ‘the feeling’ for many years to come! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! – Audrey in Pennsylvania

Marisa: Dearest Sir Tom, Wishing you many, many more healthy years of bringing happiness to the world with your amazing talent! You will always be my Knight in shining sequins! Love, Marisa Levy

Joanne: Happy 70th Birthday, Sir Tom!! May this special day be filled with all the things you love – family and friends, good food and good wine, and of course, music! You have brought so much happiness to so many people over the years by sharing your extraordinary talent, and as you celebrate your special day, know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of your many fans all over the world. I can’t believe it’s been over 40 years since I first heard that amazing voice! I was about 9 years old at the time, but even at that young age I knew I was hearing something very special! I wish you many, many more birthdays filled with love, health, and happiness, and music….HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Joanne – NYC

If you didn’t get to send in your wish, feel free to do so in the comments section below this post.

To enjoy (and, if you are so inclined, to join in) the singing of Happy Birthday to Tom on Jools Holland’s show. You’ll find it here.

28 Responses to “Sir Tom Is 70 Today!”

  1. Gill Says:

    I will be glued to BBC Radio Wales today,I have ever altered my work schedul,not to miss this big day.Happy Birthday Tom,and I hope all your fans will enjoy not only your special day, but The Voice for many years to come.

  2. Ignace LOWIE Says:

    My best birthdaywishes to Sir Tom!
    Many thanks for all the beautiful songs and the great voice during 5 decades!
    Congratulations for the honour with the Music Industry Trusts Award and
    perhaps there are more things to come, why not a #1 Album for “Praise and Blame”?
    Cheers, or as we say in Dutch: “Gezondheid!”

  3. raphael Says:

    Happy birthday Mr. Jones!
    I am very happy because today it is my birthday too (I am 38), and I always celebrate my birthday with Tom Jones Music.
    Best wishes and enjoy these “Younger days”.
    Thank you very much.

  4. Darla Says:

    Dear Tom,
    Happy birthday. May your music continue forever!!
    Love, Darla

  5. brian Says:

    Happy birthday Sir Thomas hope its a day to remember and there is plenty more birthadys to come for you to enjoy and us to enjoy with you all the best and love from Brian and Megan from Belfast BLF,ha!x

  6. audrey Says:

    Happy Birthday to the great man himself first saw you on tv when i was ten ans still a fan after 31 years keep it together and give us more of what you give all the best Tom and have a great day

  7. Oqi Says:

    Well, happy-b day The Voice!

    I guess the BBC radio Tribute is cancelled.. Stuart Cable died so they are doing tribute for him instead, ofc great loss..

    But but.. damn… i waited so much this tribute, whole day good music.. etc.. =(((((((((((((((((((((((

  8. Irin Says:

    Dear Sir Tom! Happy Birthday to You! Big health to You and longlive creativity.Thank You for enjoy all your fans in over the world.Irin from Ukraine, Kiev

  9. Frederikke Busch Says:

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Tom !!!!
    Happy Birthday to you

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! 😀 !!

  10. gaillovestj Says:

    A very Happy Birthday Sir Tom. May you continue to entertain us with that beautiful voice for many more years to come

  11. Ritta Says:

    I wish Happy Birthday to Tom Jones,he is my idol since when I was 13 years old,its become 44 years. My son`s son has birthday also today,he is 8 years now.I was Tom Jones consert twice,here in Finland in Helsinki and I wish see Tom’s concert here again! By Thousands KISSES to Tom from Riitta!

  12. Shirley P. Says:

    A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY is wished for you Sir Tom! You have brought so much happiness to so many people over the years. Keep up the happy feelings and continue as you have. Take care. We love you.

  13. Debbie Oakes Says:

    Happy 70th Birthday Sir Tom! Cheers to many more years! Thank you for your amazing voice and the joy you continue to give your fans all over the world. Enjoy your special day with your family and friends.

  14. tjloverlisa Says:

    Tom, may your day be filled with warmth & happiness with your family & friends. May you fondly remember the joys of your past & all the joy you have brought to your fans who love you so much. May you look ahead to the days to come & the many new songs you will sing bringing us more cherished moments. May God continue to bless you & give you good health & strength of voice. Happy happy birthday to you Sir Tom! Much love!

  15. Sandy A. Says:

    Roses are red, Violet!s are blue, your 70th Birthday looks real good on you. May you be blessed with many many more.Have a wonderful Birthday.

  16. Nathalie Says:

    Happy happy birthday Tom! I hope you’re having a great day with your loved ones, and many happy returns. May you keep enchanting us with your marvellous voice for many years.

  17. Edwin Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On this special day all of the love that is felt for you by all you fans is tripled.May GOD bless you with many many more,and I want to give you a special thanks for your voice always being there for me when I have needed uplifting,on that fateful night in 1969 when I discovered the greatest VOICE and TALENT this world would ever see you have been my spark in life through your songs and performances. HERE IS TO YOU TOM JONES,,,YOU ARE “SIMPLY THE BEST”

  18. Lori W. Says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope to see you on tour soon in the US.

  19. Pam S Says:

    Happy Birthday Sir Tom Jones!!! I wish you many blessings! You have been a great blessing to me (even better if I ever get to see you live, I hope you come this way sometime soon). Have an awesome birthday. You are the greatest.

  20. SusannePDX Says:

    Happy Birthday Tommy Boy!!!

  21. adam Says:

    Happy 70th birthday to the coolest man walking the planet ….TOM JONES!!!!

  22. Jorge Says:


  23. Pat K Says:

    Happy Birthday Sir Tom.I hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for all the joy and happiness you have brought to thousands of fans like myself. Also, you are the sexiest 70 year old man I have ever seen. I hope you continue to make music for many years to come.

  24. TJFriend Says:

    There’s nothing better than to receive a birthday wish on the day of your Birthday. That is why I waited till now. Happy Birthday, Tom! May you have a week’s celebration filled with lots of laughter, happiness and lots of songs all joined by your family and close friends. May all of your birthday wishes come true, as long as you don’t reveal them out loud. Health, Happiness, Prosperity and Good Fortune, always to You…now, tomorrow and all the years to follow. As I keep saying…Today, you are not older, but wiser. Like good wine, You just keep get better and better. Cheers, my luv. Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOM!!!

  25. Leti Says:

    Happy birthday sir tom jones. may you spend a restful day with your family and wife. in honor of your birthday i purchased the three dvd set of “this is tom jones” tv series. greetings from texas.

  26. Melodie Says:

    Dearest Tom,

    Happy 70th Birthday!!!!!!! All good wishes to you for a great birthday celebration that will last all year. Wishing you continued good health, happiness and fun/passionate performances. You are cool and an inspiration. More, more, more!!!

  27. Betty J Says:

    Sir Tom I am Old now but all my life I got a thrill from your voice and you must realize how much we screamed and adored you in teen years it was like you was an IDOl and we bought every song you sang I still love you and always will you are a Beautiful person God keep you well

  28. Timothy Sullivan Says:

    I saw him in concert in 1974, At the Columbus Ohio Fair , ( The man is one of a kind ). I was 14 years old, My mom made me go. I am glad she did, Great time and show. Thank You MR TOM JONES You are the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. THE SMALL BRAW WAS MY MOMS.