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Rumors about Sir Tom pass from ear to ear to chat room to discussion list to forum. Of course, we hear them, too, and are frequently asked by site visitors about the truth of a given story they see or hear. In an effort to separate fact from fiction, we’ll occasionally post a rumor — a possibly credible thing we hear and try to get at the real story. The only rule about the rumors we’ll post is that they must be about Tom’s professional life. Nothing personal. We leave that stuff to others. So, if you hear something and would like us to help check it out, send us an email. Of course no rumor is considered fact until it’s confirmed on Tom’s official site but, meanwhile, we’ll try to fill you in.

Rumor or Reality? Tom To Play Freedom Hill In Michigan

Promoters at Freedom Hill in Sterling Heights, MI, say Tom will be there this summer. Their website is way behind and no date was given. If it is true, however, look for him there in early August.

Remember: Nothing’s official until you see it on Tom’s official site.

If you missed it, check the post below for Tom’s latest UK interview.

2 Responses to “Rumor or Reality? Tom To Play Freedom Hill In Michigan”

  1. Kel W. Says:

    Woo Hoo I sure do hope So!!!!!!!

  2. Donna Smith Says:

    You’ll never get tickets if you wait for Tom’s official website to post some of these tour dates! Some shows NEVER EVEN MADE IT on the website. How sad is that? I routinely check Ticketmaster, this site and others for news about Tom’s schedule.